DISCOVER your artistic voice and become a creative SOUL visionary.

You love mixed media, painting, collage and art journaling. You’re looking to learn new techniques and you want to elevate your art to the next level. You are inspired by simple, creative ideas that encourage you to infuse your own style and to create unique artwork.
You want to face the blank canvas fearlessly and let go…
You’ve taken numerous courses, read books, subscribe to magazines and watched a bunch of YouTube videos.
Now you’re ready to move in your own direction and start monetizing your art. You don’t want to copy exactly what you see in the online tutorials and workshops…

YOU are excited to explore your own creative path.


As you might know, ​I've been teaching online for a decade, which means I have a huge library of courses, content, and videos...I've created over 75 courses and 1000+ videos.  In order to streamline my content and simplify things, I have decided to restructure access to my education site and my online programs. 

My goal is to provide you with inspiring content and encourage you to grow your artistic voice and career. I want to help artists like you to find a way to monetize your passions and create additional income from your art.

Moving forward, the content in the art.journal.PLAY education site will focus on both traditional and digital mixed media, surface design using Procreate plus include creative business lessons on how to use your art as a catalyst for designing products, writing, and teaching.

So as a VIP, you have the option to join or upgrade your membership or stay at your current level. Here's an overview of the changes and updates. 

  • There will be three levels of access to the updated MIXED MEDIA LAB which are outlined below.
  • GET ACCESS TO ALL of my courses will with the exception of my Signature Series courses {digitalCANVAS 3, digitalCANVAS 4, Creative Soul Visionary, PIGMENT TO PAINT, P2P PLAY} if you join the CATALYST or VISIONARY level. 
  • NEW WORKSHOPS!! If I develop new mini-workshops, they will be part of the art.journal.PLAY membership. This means that as long as you are a member of the ALL-ACCESS levels, you’ll have access to the new workshops. Signature Series courses are not included.
  • Access to the education site will now be a quarterly subscription. There will not be a monthly option to join at this time.

UPGRADE your membership today...


    This includes everything in the current ajpCREATOR subscription PLUS access to all new DIGITAL mixed media kits + AJP CREATOR content library, monthly LIVE events, Q&As, challenges, and creative itineraries.


    This includes ALL-ACCESS to all the ajpCREATOR DIGITAL monthly LIVE and new content, all MIXED MEDIA LAB COURSES PLUS the creative business incubator courses and content. 

    {LEVEL THREE ~ VISIONARY}  #tracibautistaCOLOR + art.journal.PLAY ALL ACCESS

    BE A VIP INSIDER..and get access to this NEW subscription that combines the best of my physical product subscriptions and online programs. Each quarter, you'll receive a beautiful package full of handcrafted watercolor inks + paints in a thematic color palette...perfect for your art journal or sketchbook PLUS other Traci Bautista mixed media products {printmaking plates/stencils and NEW #tracibautistatextiles fabric kits. #tracibautistaCOLOR collection ship once per quarter. The next scheduled Holiday 2020 collection will start to ship in mid-late December.