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CREATIVE SOUL VISIONARY immersion is a 3-month online program for creatives who want to develop their artistic voice, experiment with mixed media and define their creative process while focusing on an individual project.

The CSV business track includes an additional month of online training and a virtual retreat, small group mentorship & mastermind. These additional four modules focuses on building a creative business as an artist in alternative ways through selling your art online, product development, teaching, writing and partnerships.

CREATIVE SOUL VISIONARY will encourage you to INFUSE your own style, learn NEW techniques, create UNIQUE artwork and INSPIRE your creative spirit.

Imagine this: you grab a cup of tea as your favorite music plays in the background. There is a fresh canvas on the wall, your art journal open on the table, paint laid out on your palette and instead of standing aimlessly in front of the canvas, you are EXCITED to dive in and paint freely with reckless abandon..fearless of imperfection…YOU LET GO.

You scrape paint across the canvas with an old hotel room key… an extra bbq skewer scratches marks into the thick paint…a few sprays of water..paint drips create a rhythmic pattern…leftover cardboard stamps the perfect pattern and you mix colors with ease to create the perfect hint of chartreuse.

It’s a colorful explosion of brushstrokes, marks and ideas that unfold…you use every bit of paint. YOU KEEP MOVING

You close your eyes and let the paintbrush dance around the canvas without second guessing. 

You’re not worried you’ll make a mistake…because there are NO MISTAKESIt’s the process, it’s the CREATIVE JOURNEY.

You don’t judge yourself, you don’t question, you just FLOW, you make leads to the next, it’s a graceful dance mixed with wild moments of fast movement where you scribble on the canvas with crayons, collage torn paper, and doodle with markers.

You “look with new eyes,” a chopstick and craft foam become a paintbrush…you don’t need expensive tools. You dip your fingers into the paint and they become an extension of your creative soul…

you are FREE. you EXPLORE. you PLAY.

If you start to question…you walk away. Take a break. Go for a run, play with the dog, hangout with the family, make a yummy dinner. RELAX. Then come back the next day refreshed and ready to dive in. You repeat the process. YOUR CREATIVE PROCESS.

Sounds GREAT, right?

This might be in your imagination right now, but I know you can get to this place of courage, trust and exploration. I truly believe YOU CAN EVOLVE as an artist, find your own style and have fun in the process.

I’ve listened to many of my students say, “ I don’t have the time to fit in my art because daily life is so busy.” I’ve also heard you say, “ I get stuck, where do I start? How do I get over my fear of the blank page?” 

In response to these questions, I’ve created a workshop where I teach my CREATIVE PROCESS and guide you to become the ARTIST you long to be. My goal is to help you unfold your own artistic style through inspiring creative prompts, colorful mixed media lessons delivered in LIVE virtual workshops, high-definition videos, downloadable beautiful PDF workbooks, live stream Q & A and a supportive private online community.

This process encourages you to build your creative skills and to “see things differently,” so you shift from “copying” exactly what you watch in videos and classes to CREATING YOUR OWN STYLE. You learn techniques and you begin to REMIX them into your art in new ways.

You start to define your process, DISCOVER YOUR OWN WAY and build your confidence as an artist. YOU FLOURISH.


CREATIVE SOUL VISIONARY online immersion 3-month program PLUS one year of creative inspiration inside the art.journal.PLAY CREATOR collective.

  • module one: INSPIRATION SKETCHBOOK 1-day virtual retreat + CSV kick off & {10/20}
    • In this live virtual retreat, you spend time painting, printmaking and pulling together inspiration to create a handmade journal/sketchbook. Plus, we'll talk about ideas for your personal creative project/theme.
  • module two: CREATIVE PROCESS {10/25}
    • In this session, we’ll take a deep dive into the creative process and you’ll brainstorm the theme and project you will work on during the program. Explore ideation strategies and ways to design your very own process.
  • module three: gathering INSPIRATION {11/1}
    • We’ll explore strategies and ideas for gathering inspiration for your project. You’ll work on pulling together an inspiration board, color palette ideas, take a photo journey
  • module four: discover your ARTISTIC VOICE {11/15}
    • Explore mixed media techniques to develop your personal graffiti, experiment with ideas to work with new media and blend ideas for texture, line, form, and shape.
  • module five: develop your VISUAL VOCABULARY {11/29}
    • Take a creative field trip to inspire your visual brainstorming, ways to work and develop sketched concepts quickly, create a library of mark-making with various tools and objects
  • module six: composition + COLOR play {12/6}
    • Get over your fear of choosing colors and figuring out composition in your artwork. Create color palette studies, thumbnails and painted sketches to work out color and composition of your series
  • PLAY studio: BEYOND the sketchbook
    • What do you want to create? A painting series, an artist book, a 3D painted assemblage...we’ll talk about strategies to move beyond your journal and sketchbook to bring your artwork to life on canvas or other artistic projects during our PLAY studio sessions.
    • furing each month of the program you get access to one virtual workshop that dives into  a mixed media technique.
  • PRIVATE class forum where you can connect with artists around the world and share your work.
    • CREATIVE PROMPTS & STUDIO NOTES in between each module, you'll have implementation weeks with creative prompts
    • COLORFUL PDF PLAYbooks - printable playsheets, journal reflections, and collage sheets

    If you join as a member of the CSV BUSINESS immersion you'll get access to the following additional content and small group mastermind for FOUR months.

    • CREATIVE SOUL VISIONARY business immersion 2-day retreat in January 2019 includes…
      • In this live online retreat, we'll focus on goal setting for 2019 and I'll be teaching the following modules...
      • module eight: BUILD your community -ideas and strategies for growing your audience, creating a content strategy to promote your art
      • module nine: visual marketing for artistsThis session you learn how to create simple graphics to promote your art and business and you’ll create a brand storyboard
      • module ten: expand your VISIONAlternative income streams for artists...go beyond traditional gallery representation and make money from your art. We’ll talk about selling your work online, building your creative business, developing creative partnerships, product development, writing, licensing and teaching.
      • mixed media PLAY session
      • project presentation + feedback live online
      • dates for the retreat will be finalized after we have our small group together

    If you are interested in the 1:1 mentorship option please send an email and we'll get back to you with details. 

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