Exploration week 2023


A PLAYful Adventure to Explore and Spark Your Artistic Practice


JUNE 7 - 13, 2023

$10, One Week, Endless INSPIRATION! 

 Join the creative adventure and ideate, PLAY, and take your creative practice to the next level.

Join me June 7th- 13th for a week full of ideas, inspiration and creative PLAY!!

Join me, Traci Bautista, for a one-of-a-kind mixed media & digital experience.

Come see what it's like inside my private membership group, PLAY collective.

during this immersive week...

- Dive into the INSPIRATION SKETCHBOOK Challenge

- Learn from me inside a mixed media + Procreate PLAY workshop session

- Be inspired as you join an IDEATION session where I help members brainstorm creative projects

- Get your mixed media & creative practice questions answered during a special AMA Q&A

....ALL LIVE with me!

I've packed THREE WEEKS of content in this special exploration week just for you and it begins in...


Let’s get you ready to…IDEATE, PLAY & EXPERIMENT!!

⇒ I'm so excited to invite you behind the scenes of my PLAY collective membership, to see what it's like.

There's no better way for you to decide if PLAY collective membership is right for you and your creative practice.

You will IDEATE, PLAY and EXPLORE your next creative projectin my "Unleashing Your Creative Vision" project challenge workshop, experience one of my LIVE training lessons, watch members participate in IDEATION sessions, and hang out for a special Q&A. All LIVE and all with me!

We've packed THREE weeks of content in this special exploration week just for you!

What's inside?

⇒ Over the course of this week-long adventure, you'll immerse yourself in vibrant mixed media, 

discover fresh sources of inspiration, unearth ideas, explore Procreate & the digital canvas

and PLAY inside your INSPIRATION SKETCHBOOK to breathe life into your artistic practice.

What do YOU want to create?


JUNE 7 - 13, 2023

JUNE 7 ~ Unleashing Your Creative Vision project challenge and Q&A

JUNE 9 ~ PLAYful Adventures in Mixed Media & Procreate LIVE workshop & open studio

JUNE 11 ~ Ideation PLAYground LIVE Brainstorming Session

JUNE 13 ~ “Ask Me Anything” AMA LIVE Q&A with Traci

LIVE events plus additonal surprises throughout the week...join in the creative adventure!!

Hey creative friend! I’m Traci artist, designer, author and educator.

Through the years, I have developed a go-to CREATIVE PROCESS & and framework that has been the foundation of how I approach making art, creating my limited edition handcrafted watercolor collections, and designing products. I’m excited to share a peek into this blueprint and inside my PLAY collective membership!

Over the past two decades, I have taught tens of thousands of artists and creatives. I encourage students to “see things differently,” to let go and face the blank canvas boldly with freedom. 

Let me be your guide on this creative journey.

in 2022, I celebrated 20 years as a creative entrepreneur taking the BOLD leap to leave Silicon Valley and go out on my own as an independent artist. It has led to designing a number of successful products, courses, and books.

I have written THREE best-selling mixed media instruction books. I'm excited to share a peek inside my creative practice and process as I give you a PLAYbook to create your very own INSPIRATION SKETCHBOOK and use the digital canvas as you paint your next body of artwork!

You are a beautiful creative soul.💗 xo~Traci

Join me for INSPIRATION SKETCHBOOK Exploration Week 2023 to 

brainstorm, PLAY and explore your next body of artwork. 

We’ll dive into the artistic process & PLAY...

When you join me LIVE, you'll...

Engage in interactive sessions with fellow artists and foster meaningful connections within a vibrant creative community.

Receive real-time guidance, insights, and feedback from Traci to enhance your artistic skills and growth.

Gain exclusive access to bonus materials, resources, and surprise giveaways throughout the event.

Immerse yourself in an atmosphere of inspiration, motivation, and creative breakthroughs that will fuel your artistic journey long after the event concludes.

But...don't worry if you can't make the Live events. 

After Exploration Week is over, you'll receive an email to access all the videos for one year!

Don't miss out on your chance to take your artwork and creative practice to the next level!


Over the course of this week-long adventure, you'll...

immerse yourself in vibrant mixed media

discover fresh sources of inspiration

unearth ideas for your artwork

explore Procreate & the digital canvas

....and PLAY inside your INSPIRATION SKETCHBOOK to breathe life into your artistic practice.


DAY ONE: JUNE 7, 2023

UNLEASHING Your Creative Vision

project challenge and Q&A

In this immersive workshop, Traci will guide you through the process of clarifying your creative vision and establishing a solid foundation for your next creative project. 

Through guided exercises and insightful discussions, you'll PLAY inside your inspiration sketchbook, mapping out ideas, brainstorming themes, and visual elements that resonate with your creative project. By the end of this challenge, you'll have a vibrant and compelling mind map for your next creative endeavor.

This session will be available to watch FREE for 24 hours after the live event ends. If you'd like to get extended access to the replay and the other workshops during Exploration week, make sure to register for $10 VIP pass below.

What is your VISION for your artwork this season or year? 

What do you want to create?


PLAYful Adventures in Mixed Media & Procreate

LIVE workshop & open studio

Once you have vision for your creative project, it’s time to PLAY!! Embark on an exhilarating artistic adventure as we explore colorful mixed media and digital art. 

Join us in this LIVE open studio session where you'll discover the endless possibilities of combining traditional art techniques with the digital realm. 

Unleash your creativity as we delve into the fusion of textures, colors, and visual storytelling, creating captivating artwork that blurs the boundaries between the physical and the digital.

DAY FIVE: JUNE 11, 2023

Ideation PLAYground

LIVE Brainstorming Session

Get ready to unleash your imagination and ignite your creative sparks in this dynamic LIVE ideation won't want to miss this! 

Join us as we dive into creative project brainstorming, where you'll have the unique opportunity to collaborate with Traci and a community of fellow artists. Discover fresh perspectives, generate innovative ideas, and receive valuable feedback on your artistic projects or collection concepts.

DAY SEVEN: JUNE 13, 2023

 “Ask Me Anything” AMA 

LIVE Q&A with Traci

Get ready for an exclusive opportunity to join Traci in a dynamic and interactive Ask Me Anything (AMA) session. This session is your chance to bring forth your burning questions about your artistic journey, creative process, inspiration sketchbooks and any other artistic inquiries you may have.

During this AMA session, Traci will be sharing her expertise, insights, and valuable advice to help you overcome challenges, fuel your inspiration, and navigate your artistic path with confidence. You'll have the opportunity to send in questions prior to the live event. We'll dive into a supportive and engaging discussion centered around your needs and interests.


UPGRADE to a VIP pass for only $10 and get access to an INSPIRATION SKETCHBOOK SUMMER CHECKLIST

WHEN you upgrade to a VIP pass, you'll receive a special bonus to kickstart your sketchbook adventure! 

When you sign up for INSPIRATION SKETCHBOOK Exploration week VIP pass, get access a summer creative checklist for your mixed media sketchbook PLAY! This is a PDF that will be delivered at the end of exploration week.

Make sure to join us LIVE, so you don't miss out!!!

You'll get the most out of this experience when you join the LIVE session plus there will be additional announcements and bonuses for those who make it to the LIVE sessions. I can't wait to have you join me!!

Ideate, PLAY and explore your next creative project or artwork collection!!


EXPLORE MIXED MEDIA & digital painting inProcreate 



A PLAYful Adventure to Explore and Spark Your Artistic Practice
GRAB YOUR VIP PASS for only $10!!
After you register, you will receive an email with additional details, access to the LIVE event classroom will open 6/2.

EXPLORATION WEEK experience starts JUNE 7th!!


get started today and dive in with my SPRING BLOSSOMS INSPIRATION SKETCHBOOK digital kit...
42 pages of creative prompts, color palettes, reflection questions, collage sheets, & imagery to inspire your sketchbook practice

DIVE into your creative practice

and explore your next creative project