#tracibautistaCOLOR paints + inks

COLOR PLAY collage grab bag

CREATE your own color swatch journal pages! With this collage kit, you’ll have to tools to create COLOR inspiration boards and palettes.

This includes a mix of mostly digitally printed artist papers and a few hand painted collage bits by Traci Bautista.

They range in size from 1” up to 5” x 8” and are printed on a variety of papers from thin tissue, sketch, card stock to watercolor paper.

The package also includes some black & white digital collage artists papers. 

The kit also includes a misc. set a hang tags that a great to create color collage cards.

NOTE: the last three photos show examples of the collage pieces used in different art projects.

They are perfect to use as a base texture layer in your collage paintings or in a sketchbook journal. They make great collage fodder for idea + color swatch journals. 

Each collage pack is one-of-a-kind. The paper colors in each set will vary, the photos show samples of some of the paper sets.

The paper pack you receive will differ from the photos. Grab bags contain up to 30 pieces of collage papers.

Use #tracibautistaCOLOR to paint over the collage papers.

COLLAGE: cut or tear the dyed paper. brush Collage Pauge Matte or gel medium onto the substrate. place collage piece onto wet medium. Brush more medium over the collage piece. rub with your hands or brayer to smooth surface. papers may release a small amount of color. let dry.

COLOR COLLAGE CARDS: cut swatches and glue them into card stock or tags to create your very own color inspiration cards. See last photo for example. 

DELIVERY TIME: THIS IS A PRE-ORDER. collections will start shipping 2/20/18. All paint + ink orders ship via USPS priority mail. ALL collections are handcrafted and made-to-order. If this product is ordered by itself, it will ship USPS first class mail. If it is combined with paints + inks it will be shipped USPS priority mail.


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