get a behind-the-scenes peek inside Traci Bautista’s new book!

DISCOVER the evolution of ideas + art through CREATIVE PLAY

UNLEASH your artistic voice

CREATE with confidence

UNFOLD your journey through colorful stories & art

What is the Book Journey Experience?


The Book Journey Experience is a 12-week online program that includes a series of three CREATIVE ADVENTURES to encourage you to dive into creative play, color, painting and the digital canvas.

It’s a guide, a muse, an online program for those who want to explore how to create artwork with FREEDOM and confidence while learning a proven process to enhance their creative practice and reveal their stories into colorful art.

Whether you are an artist, designer, or maker, this interactive online experience will encourage you with a plethora of IDEAS to jumpstart your creative practice and inspiration in CREATIVE PLAY. During each “creative adventure”, you will be guided to explore a variety of techniques so that you come to the canvas fearless, excited to UNLEASH your artistic voice and DIVE in while you create a body of artwork.


Plus, you’ll get a front-row seat as best selling author, Traci Bautista, shares inside her creative journey while she works on the content for her 4th book.

You’ll have the opportunity to watch Traci’s book project unfold in real-time, ask questions, get insight into the artwork, thought process, and ideas as she works from concept to completion.

During each 4-week creative adventure, you will learn about the CREATIVE PLAY framework which is the foundation of how Traci approaches her art practice with freedom. It's also one of the core themes inside her new book.

This process includes inspiration gathering, storytelling, mark-making & painting, exploring the digital canvas, and creating handmade COLOR to jumpstart a body of work {be it a series of paintings, product design, or a surface pattern collection}.

The BOOK JOURNEY experience is delivered in a series of three thematic CREATIVE ADVENTURES that include LIVE events, studio notes vlog-style videos, downloadable PDF PLAYbooks, creative field trips, and a private forum all hosted in a private content hub.

You can choose to join all three, a single adventure or the VIP experience which includes a few extra bonuses outlined below. Each CREATIVE ADVENTURE contains a mix of content including Traci’s short vlog-style BOOK JOURNEY studio notes videos, a LIVE mixed media workshop, creative prompts, a creative field trip, and downloadable resources all available in a private content hub.

There are also LIVE OPEN STUDIO Q&As + art journaling sessions to connect with Traci and a thriving community. Traci is fully accessible and active in the private member forum answering questions, providing feedback, and sharing her knowledge and inspiration along the way.

Hey creative friend! I’m artist, designer, author and educator.

Through the years, I have developed a go-to CREATIVE PLAY framework that has been the foundation of how I approach making art and my daily life. I’m excited to share this blueprint with you inside the Book Journey Experience!

Over the past two decades, I have taught tens of thousands of artists and creatives. I encourage students to “see things differently,” to let go and face the blank canvas boldly with freedom. Let me be your guide on this creative journey.

In November 2021, I celebrate 20 years as a creative entrepreneur taking the BOLD leap to leave Silicon Valley and go out on my own as an independent artist. It has led to designing a number of successful products, courses, and books.

I have written THREE best-selling mixed media instruction books and I'm excited to share a peek inside my book creation process as I work on my fourth book.

You are a beautiful creative soul.💗

Everything you need to encourage & inspire you...

  • Hone in on your artistic style

  • Develop your creative process

  • CREATE a body of artwork

  • 15 minute art journal prompts

  • Color palettes + pigments

  • Mixed media + paint color mixing recipes

  • Explore Procreate digital collage

  • Ideas to turn your art into patterns or products

  • Tell your beautiful + colorful story

  • Build confidence as an artist


What if you knew exactly what to do the next time you opened up your art journal or stood in front of the blank canvas?


  • you come into your studio with clarity and are fearless of the blank canvas

  • you are excited to dive in and experiment with color, pigments & mixed media

  • you create intuitively with confidence and freedom...the brush or pen dances across the page as you sketch

  • you translate your stories, memories and experiences into colorful art

What would it be like if you could spend dedicated time working on your artwork and just PLAY?


  • you spend an hour a day with focused time for CREATIVE PLAY and exploration in your art journal or sketchbook

  • you finally are proud to share your work without feeling like it’s not good enough

  • you have created a BODY OF WORK that you are proud of that can be leveraged into prints, products, or patterns

  • you feel free, light and encouraged to keep going and create artwork everyday. YOU DIVE IN.

How would it feel to paint with abandon, be fearless and DIVE into new ideas & techniques?


  • you move forward without question...making progress

  • you let the process unfold. Breathe. Focus. Take it all in with grace and ease

  • you stop scrolling & saving IG posts and start creating art in your own style

What if in 12 weeks you have REIMAGINED your artwork, defined your creative process and created a body of work that tells your personal stories?

Join me for a season of creative PLAY...

as you work through the evolution of an idea for your next body of work with confidence, ease and freedom. 

You’ll develop a series or artwork based on your passions, stories and memories.

Explore your creative process, unravel your stories into art, and create a body of artwork while getting a behind-the-scenes peek into Traci’s new book.

Explore your creative process, unravel your stories into art, and create a body of artwork while getting a behind-the-scenes peek into Traci’s new book


You have a go to creative process and toolkit to generate ideas and gather inspiration for your next project

You have the tools to jumpstart your daily art journal or sketchbook practice

You spend focused time in the studio working on your artwork with FREEDOM

You know how to mix pigments and paint colors to create beautiful colors inspired by your stories

You are in the flow....PLAYING, mark-making, never second guessing your next move

You experiment, have a sense of ease and enjoythe process of making art

You'll feel FREE and let the brush dance gracefully across the canvas.

When you DIVE IN and explore the ideas and techniques in all three CREATIVE ADVENTURES... 

you’ll get the tools to help you go from being stuck questioning what to do in front of the blank canvas 

to INSPIRED and FULL OF IDEAS to paint with FREEDOM! 


the experience is delivered in a variety of formats including.... 

short pre-recorded Traci’s BOOK JOURNEY studio notes vlog-style videos,

LIVE virtual workshops + Q&A sessions, PDF PLAYbooks, and project ideas.

This colorful online experience  EXPLORES these key areas...



the evolution of ideas + art through creative play. A focus on creative process



pigments + color palettes inspired from the landscape, personal stories and memories. 



art journal & painting mashups using the digital canvas in Procreate.


PLUS every week you’ll get an update about my book creation journey and the content or art delivered in short studio notes HD videos

{see the video below


During each CREATIVE ADVENTURE, you'll get access to LIVE OPEN STUDIO sessions that include book creation updates and Q&As. Bring your art journal to hang out and paint...spend time with a community of artists.


Take a DEEP DIVE and get access to a 2-hr LIVE workshop to explore techniques during each creative adventure.

Mark-making, inspiration gathering, pigments + paints, color palettes and digital collage.


What's included in The Book Journey Experience?

This is a 12-week LIVE online experience with the addition of LIVE events + workshops, an online community, and private forum.

The BOOK JOURNEY online experience is delivered in a variety of formats including short pre-recorded Traci’s studio notes vlog-style videos, LIVE virtual sessions, Q&As, PDF PLAYbooks, and project ideas through a private content hub.

The program consists of three thematic creative adventures presented in a 4-week itinerary.


A DEEP DIVE into CREATIVE PLAY through mark-making. PAINT colorful stories. Explore gathering inspiration, ideation, storytelling, and motifs.


A DEEP DIVE into story + creating signature color palettes. Experiment mixing pigments, paints, and mixed media that tell your story or reveal a landscape.


A DEEP DIVE into art journals + digital mashups + mixed media + images + painting. Creating digital collage and playing with layers in Procreate.

Inside each creative adventure...

  • BOOK JOURNEY STUDIO NOTES VIDEOS short weekly video that shares an overview of Traci’s book journey and a look behind the scenes into Traci’s studio practice and art journals.  Vlog-style videos that share the process, timelapse, art techniques, and insight into the art and content of the book.

  • OPEN STUDIO LIVE  2-hr session hosted in Zoom, where I’ll share a short update in my book project and a creative exercise. The final hour is a fun art-making session, you’ll bring your own project to work on and spend time painting in community with other artists from around the world.

  • MIXED MEDIA WORKSHOP a LIVE 2-hr project workshop that takes a deep dive the creative adventure theme

  • CREATIVE PLAY PDF playbook COLORFUL printable INSPIRATION SKETCHBOOK PDF with notes pages, creative prompts, collage ephemera with ideas from the CREATIVE PLAY framework

  • CREATIVE FIELD TRIP Explorations, excursions and experiments to help you stay curious, encourage wonder and inspire your creative process.

  • CREATIVE PROMPTS to encourage you to explore your artistic process, color palettes, art journal techniques, writing, and more.

  • PRIVATE CONTENT HUB Access to a private content hub including all program HD videos with optional captions and transcripts, LIVE sessions & replays, resources and PDF downloads.

  • PRIVATE FORUM ACCESS Access to private forum hosted on Mighty Networks with direct access to Traci via DM throughout the program.


This program is divided into three creative adventures where you’ll explore new ideas & techniques that encourage you to create a collection of artwork inspired from your own stories, memories or experiences.

Each CREATIVE ADVENTURE explores themes and content in Traci’s new book.


{CLICK ON THE TAB to reveal details}



A DEEP DIVE into CREATIVE PLAY through mark-making. 

PAINT colorful stories. Explore gathering inspiration, ideation, storytelling, and motifs.

UNRAVEL the possibilities. the IDEAS. Brainstorming. Collecting INSPIRATION. Gather. Pieces. Capture. Stories unfold. Sketches. IMAGINE. Letting this project unfold through creative PLAY. a VISUAL vocabulary. Rummaging through art journals. WONDER. Two decades of handmade books. the evolution of an ideas. Sunrise studio sessions. the FREEDOM to EXPLORE.

TOPICS EXPLORED: the creative process, unfolding a project, setting direction & tone, collecting stories, gathering inspiration, creative PLAY, art journals & sketchbooks

During the CREATIVE PLAY adventure, I’ll be working on the IDEATION & gathering process of my next book. Fleshing out ideas, gathering images, content and designing the flow of my book.

  • Get an insiders view of my creative practice
  • Flip throughs of my art journals & sketchbooks
  • Creating an inspiration sketchbook in both physical & digital format
  • A tour inside my color paint making lab and studio


CREATIVE PLAY: mixed media + mark-making

In the LIVE 2-hour workshop, we’ll talk about the evolution of an idea through CREATIVE PLAY.

  • You’ll explore the CREATIVE PLAY framework to create artwork collections
  • spend time brainstorming  + making marks for your next art project
  • explore techniques to gather inspiration, sketch, make notes
  • take a photo scavenger hunt
  • Create an inspiration sketchbook


{CLICK ON THE TAB to reveal details}



A DEEP DIVE into story + creating signature color palettes. Experiment mixing pigments, paints, and mixed media that tell your story or reveal a landscape.

CREATE. Piecing together. Stitching. a lifetime of COLOR. PIGMENTS. FORAGING finds. the garden. Movement. COLOR palettes. paint swatches. WANDERLUST. collections. Pigment from rocks. STORYTELLING with color. Creative process. WILD color. A colorful collage of MEMORIES collage. color STORIES. landscapes + color. EXPERIMENT.

TOPICS EXPLORED: color & landscapes, color palettes, stories associated with color, handmade paint, travel & wanderlust

During THE COLOR ADVENTURE, I’ll be documenting  and creating handmade paint color palettes from travel, landscapes, stories and memories for book content. I’ll be...

  • exploring natural wild inks and foraged color
  • visiting a botanical garden
  • creating handcrafted watercolor palettes inspired from my experiences.

My handcrafted paint collections are created from memories or stories, each color palette reveals a special time, place or idea from my past. This theme will be woven throughout my book and you’ll get to see some of this unfold during this part of the book making journey.


COLOR PLAY: storytelling + signature color palettes

In this 2-hr LIVE workshop you’ll experiment with ways to pull together your own color palettes based on photos, memories and stories.

  • You’ll work through creative prompts that will encourage you to reveal and write stories and color.
  • Learn 3 ways to create a digital color palette in Procreate.
  • You’ll spend time mixing your signature color palette
  • Explore creating a color palette mixing pigments, watercolors, inks and acrylic mediums
  • Paint colorful motifs, backgrounds and layers using your personal mixed palette


    {CLICK ON THE TAB to reveal details}



    A DEEP DIVE into art journals + digital mashups + mixed media + images + painting. Creating digital collage and playing with layers in Procreate.

    Refine. DESIGN. a COLLAGE of memories. the book journey kit. composition. Pattern. FREEDOM. COLOR. Embellishment. Motifs. Prototypes. a blueprint. layout. OPEN to possibilities. a push & pull. a DANCE. Limitless. WANDER. explorations. beautiful LAYERS.

    TOPICS EXPLORED: digital collage in Procreate, combining digital painting + mixed media, composition, cut & paste, building layers of interest in my book pages

    During THE FREEDOM ADVENTURE, I’ll be experimenting with unconventional ways to combine my ideas, stories and artwork. Exploring all the possibilities.

  • A walk through inside my many inspiration sketchbooks
  • How I incorporate the iPad throughout my entire creative process
  • How I design and create book pages in Procreate
  • Refining the book content

    • WORKSHOP #3

      DIGITAL PLAY: mixed media mash-ups in Procreate

      In this 2-hr LIVE workshop, you’ll learn how to create digital collage using Procreate

      • Choosing artwork to create your digital collage
      • Understand how to work with layers and blend modes in Procreate
      • Learn about clipping masks, color drop and selection tools
      • Learn how to isolated and cut out images
      • Adding journaling and writing into you digital canvas


          UPGRADE your journey and join me for an immersive VIP experience that includes all three CREATIVE ADVENTURES , a limited #tracibautistaCOLOR paint collection, PLUS DEEP DIVE into Traci’ Bautista’s new book and more!

          • VIP BONUSES 


          UPGRADE your experience to the VIP level!


          An immersive experience that includes all three CREATIVE ADVENTURES, a limited #tracibautistaCOLOR paint collection, PLUS DEEP DIVE into Traci’ Bautista’s new book and more {see details in VIP Bonuses tab}

          VIP EXPERIENCE includes...

          • Access to ALL three CREATIVE ADVENTURES 4-week sessions {$441 value}
          • Access to Creative Play LIVE virtual retreat in FALL 2021 {$197 value}
          • Book journey book kit includes one signed copy of the book, limited edition stencil, and stamp and mixed media supplies {available late FALL 2021} {$97 value}
          • The Book Journey MIXED MEDIA swag bag includes a bunch of my FAVE products {$100 value}
          • Limited edition #tracibautistaCOLOR paint collection inspired by the book {$150}
          • TOTAL VALUE $1082
              • 2-day LIVE virtual retreat in Fall 2021
              In this 2-day virtual retreat we'll take a deep dive into all aspects of CREATIVE PLAY, painting & digital...

              • ideation + inspiration + mark-making 
              • PLAYING with color, paint & pigments
              • storytelling with color + mark making
              • digital collage mash-ups: art journals + text + photographs 
              • and a few more surprise modules

                Who this program is for

                You are a artist, designer, jewelry maker, product designer, illustrator, book maker, surface pattern designer, K-12 art teacher, crafter or maker.

                Making artwork is your passion...

                • You want more time in the studio to focus on your creative projects

                • You want to paint or create with freedom never second-guessing yourself

                • You want to be inspired and encouraged to translate your journey into colorful stories and art

                • You want to develop your signature style and leverage your artwork into successful products

                • You want to craft a beautiful legacy that shares your story

                STUDIO NOTES VIDEOS

                Come along for the creative adventure with me, as I take you on a journey to discover inspiration and unfold your personal stories through color + art while I share my book creation journey.

                Take a peek inside my studio as I document the process of my next book project. Enjoy one of my studio notes videos! 

                VIDEO DIARIES ONLY

                THE BOOK JOURNEY 


                Access to 12-weeks inside The Book Journey video diaries includes the content below


                • Traci's BOOK JOURNEY STUDIO NOTES video diaries

                • 20+ STUDIO NOTES video diaries 

                • PLAYbook PDF

                • LIVE Q&A

                • PRIVATE CONTENT HUB



                Pay in full to SAVE 10%
                REGISTER & receive a signed copy of the book 


                • SELF GUIDED access

                • 20+ STUDIO NOTES video diaries 

                • BONUS LIVE Q&As

                • PDF PLAYbook

                • 3 MIXED MEDIA WORKSHOPS

                  1. OPEN STUDIO LIVE SESSIONS

                • PRIVATE CONTENT HUB

                • PRIVATE FORUM ACCESS

                LIMITED SPOTS!

                THE BOOK JOURNEY VIP

                ALL ACCESS plus VIP bonuses
                #tracibautistaCOLOR collection, CREATIVE PLAY retreat fall 2021 and additional bonuses below


                • Everything listed in the Book Journey Experience

                • Limited edition #tracibautistaCOLOR paint collection inspired by the book

                • CREATIVE PLAY LIVE virtual retreat FALL 2021

                • Book journey book kit one signed book, limited edition stencil, stamp and mixed media supplies FALL 2021

                • Book Journey MIXED MEDIA swag bag includes a bunch of my FAVE products {$100 value}

                • TOTAL VALUE $1082

                PLUS these amazing bonuses...

                BONUS #1 ~ TAKE part in a private worldwide community of artists who generously share in the creative spirit

                BONUS #2 ~ PLUS get access to a series of beautiful, colorful  INSPIRATION SKETCHBOOK PDF PLAYbooks with notes pages, creative prompts, collage ephemera with ideas from the CREATIVE PLAY process framework

                BONUS #3 ~ Register for THE BOOK JOURNEY EXPERIENCE bundle and receive one month all-access to the brand new MIXED MEDIA LAB which includes access to a library of over 65 mixed media classes taught by Traci Bautista when it opens in April 2021. If you are already a MML member one month credit will be added to your account.

                BONUS #4 ~ Register for THE BOOK JOURNEY EXPERIENCE {bundle or VIP} and receive one signed copy of my book when it is released.

                BONUS #5 ~ Register for THE BOOK JOURNEY VIP EXPERIENCE {limited spots!} get access to the CREATIVE PLAY LIVE event in FALL 2021

                SWEET words + praise from students...

                "There are many things I love and appreciate about Traci’s programs and workshops, and what stands out for me, is how she generously provides such rich and in-depth content in a very comfortable, relaxed, and engaging manner. There’s no shortage of enthusiasm, encouragement, or inspiration! 

                Traci is passionate about meeting her students and other artists “where they are” in order to reach their personal goals. 

                If you want to take your art to the next level, I highly recommend any of Traci’s workshops.” 

                ~Char DeRouin

                “I enjoyed taking Traci’s Pigment to Paint class. She has a wealth of information to share with her students. Her approach to teaching is easy going and playful. I was inspired and couldn’t wait to dive in to paint making after each class!” 

                ~Liza Alvarez

                If you want to go on a creative journey and learn more about digital art Traci Bautista is the one who can inspire and teach you all about it.

                I am technologically challenged however Traci has given me the tools and confidence to create using my iPad and Procreate. Her digital classes are soooo much fun and very informative.

                Traci is kind, encouraging and her classes are a blast! 

                ~Elaine Sinton


                What book readers have shared about Traci’s previous books via Amazon book reviews...


                When does the BOOK JOURNEY VIP EXPERIENCE begin?

                The BOOK JOURNEY VIP EXPERIENCE kicks off on March 15, 2021. Each Creative Adventure is 4 weeks with a one week break in between.

                How does the program work? How do I access all the content?

                The BOOK JOURNEY experience is delivered in three CREATIVE ADVENTURES over 12 weeks. Each creative adventure is 4 weeks long. You can choose to join all three {which is recommended} or a single adventure.

                Each CREATIVE ADVENTURE contains a mix of content including Traci's short BOOK JOURNEY studio notes video posted weekly, a LIVE mixed media workshop, creative prompts, a creative field trip, and downloadable resources available in a private content hub.

                There are also live sessions including a 2-hour LIVE workshop hosted in Crowdcast and OPEN STUDIO Q&A art journaling sessions hosted in Zoom. The replays will be made available in the private content hub.

                Will the LIVE events be recorded?

                Yes, so you don’t have to worry about missing a thing. The LIVE replays are available right after the event is finished. 

                Can I purchase the creative adventures separately?

                Yes, you can! But you’ll get an in-depth experience if you join The Book Journey Experience and go through all three because the content is created to build on the previous session. PLUS you save when you sign up for the bundle.

                I really want one of the limited edition #tracibautistaCOLOR watercolor sets, will you make them available separately?

                For now, the BOOK JOURNEY limited edition kit is only available if you purchase the VIP level experience. If there are extra kits available they will be released in my online boutique in the fall.

                How long will I have access to this program?

                You'll have "class lifetime" access to this program which means that you will have access to this 2021 version of the program. If it is updated in the future with new content, you will be offered an alumni discount.

                What materials & tools do I need for the workshops?

                I always encourage my students to use what you already have available in your studio. You will receive a detailed supply list for each 2-hour workshop.

                Are you teaching how to write a book in this program?

                To be clear, in this program I will NOT be teaching how to write or create a book. As I write my 4th book, I will be sharing bits & pieces of my book creation journey along with some of the core themes/content in the new book, I'll also share about my experience in writing three best selling mixed media instruction books. If you want to learn more about writing your own book, I will share various resources that have helped me along the way!💗

                additional questions?