creative DOODLES e-course

  • creative DOODLES e-course
    doodling, mixed media + art journaling techniques
    NOW part of the MIXED MEDIA LAB membership. It is only open for registration two times per year. Get access to 60+ other mixed media + art journaling workshops. Learn more about the MIXED MEDIA LAB
    This workshop includes 5 weeks of daily creative jumpstarts, INSPIRATION and ideas
    - 30 HD VIDEO technique lessons 
    -CREATIVE DOODLES workbook PDF includes 100+ pages of inspiration
    -INSPIRATION special posts full of photos, interviews, links & art
    -BONUS PDF** 10-page digital art journaling collage kit 
    - archived class chats
    - photo galleries
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    © Copyright 2009 - 2013 Traci Bautista.
  • WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION | Explore storytelling with lines, shapes and marks. This workshop is all about seeing things with new eyes and creating art intuitively with daily exercises to keep you drawing and doodling.

    Here’s an overview of some techniques that will be covered during the workshop:

    • Painting jumpstarts • What do you see? • Black & white • Creative visualization • Organic prints/resists • Storytelling with lines • Doodle book • Fabric scribbles • Spontaneous mark making • Magazine tear-up • rePURPOSEd photocopies • Circles, squares & squiggles • Doodle inspirations • Photo manipulation • pipette ink drawings • photos & doodles

    The original LIVE session of this workshop was a daily format. There are 32 lessons/daily prompts that include creative prompt/jumpstart workbook pages to get you drawing and experimenting with your doodling style. These are simple exercises that you can spend 10 minutes or an hour…whatever time your schedule permits. A plethora of links, photos, videos, workbook pages,  LIVE chat archives and creative inspiration is provided throughout the workshop.    

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