digitalCANVAS {digital art journaling} e-course

  • digital CANVAS e-course
    +self guided online workshop
    +digital art journaling
    +mixed media techniques
    WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION | Explore the world of digital art journaling and painting! This class will explore a variety of app mashups and incorporate digital collage, stencils, stamps, drawing, painting, photo layers and creative letterforms all using the iPad! I'll also share ways to use the digital canvas as tool for creating visual storyboards and how to incorporate the digital art into your handmade creations. This class was originally created in 2013 and the apps have been updated with new features. This e-course includes a lot of valuable content that you can use and incorporate into the newer versions of the apps. 

    CLASS FORMAT |There are 20 lessons posted in a private classroom with 37 HD video lessons, numerous PDF workbooks that include art journal prompts, idea jumpstarts and photos. There are two LIVE stream demo/chats replays. This is a self-paced workshop, ALL content is available with 24/7 access to the private classroom. All videos & PDFs are available to be viewed on most smartphones and tablets with a wifi connection.

    To register add workshop to cart. Once payment is complete you will receive an email confirmation with e-course and classroom access info. Classroom invitations will be sent in a separate email within 48 hours. for registration process and general e-course policies visit here. ©Copyright 2013 Traci Bautista.

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  • Here’s are some of the topics I cover during the e-course...
  • create color palettes and inspiration visual color storyboards
    digital collage using mixed media backgrounds
    mixed media layers & faces
    working with digital stencils & stamps
    creating digital painted backgrounds
    working with watercolor, colored pencils, crayons and oil pastel digitally
    creating digital decorative tapes
    creating digital brushes + stencils
    printing your artwork
    art journaling prompts
    working with photo layers for drawing & reference
    creating custom letters
    creating art for a blog post
    brainstorming and idea generation techniques
    creating a storybook
    choosing the best stylus for your work
    leveraging your to take your traditional paintings & use them in digital artwork
    like all of my online workshops..this list is a starting point.

    MATERIALS LIST| The following is recommended supply list

    • iPad {I'll be using an iPad mini} you must have working knowledge of downloading apps and how to use the iPad, this will not be covered in class}
    • If you do not have an iPad, you can still take part in class, I will discuss a few alternatives to the iPad. There are step-by-step videos that you can also use as guides for traditional mixed media painting or art journaling projects. If you are using your computer, you can download a FREE drawing app Sketchbook Copic Edition. I will be using ArtRage on the iPad, ArtRage4 version for the MAC/PC which is FREE for 30 days. 
    • The iPad apps that I will using in the e-course are Paper 53, Noteshelf, Instagram, Procreate and ArtRage.
    • I recommend to use a stylus for drawing, like Wacom Bamboo Stylus, Adonit Touch 4 or Sensu. You can use your fingers but the stylus gives you much more control.

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