EXPLORE the digital sketchbook using Procreate

PLAY with mixed media & watercolor

Ideate, brainstorm, and plan your creative project or artwork collection!!

Go from UNSURE and STUCK saying, “I don’t know where to start” to CONFIDENT and EXCITED with a roadmap to create your next series of artwork.

By the end of the bootcamp, you’ll have a plan to create a body of work in your own style and based on YOUR ideas.

Let’s get you ready to… 

⇒ CREATE a body of work that is inspired by your story, your passion and memories

⇒ DESIGN a creative process you can come back to every time you start a new collection 

⇒ BE CONSISTENT: make a plan to spend focused time on your creative project 

The iPad and a handful of apps have become a huge part of every stage of my creative work. From ideation to creating color palettes from photos, to sketching, making videos for IG, to designing digital products and physical products like stamps and stencils. It has changed the way I approach my creative practice.

Join me for INSPIRATION SKETCHBOOK Bootcamp to brainstorm, 

sketch and plan your next body of artwork. 

We’ll dive into the INSPIRATION SKETCHBOOK roadmap:

A guide you to jumpstart to your next creative project


INSPIRATION SKETCHBOOK will help artists and designers create their next body of work or collection with confidence. 

You’ll spend three focused days diving into LIVE training, mindset sessions, open studio painting sessions, ideation, and exploring sketchbook exercises to jumpstart your creative project.

By the end of this Bootcamp, you’ll have brainstormed an idea for your next creative project. mind mapped your collection theme, created a color palette, explored mixed media techniques and digital sketchbook prompts…and so much more!

You’ll walk away with a series of sketches, ideas, and strategies to create a consistent art practice and a plan to complete your next artwork series. The workshop will includes short Procreate tutorials and mixed media creative prompt & tutorials. 

MOST OF'll have a creative ROADMAP for your project or collection!

  • Using the digital canvas in your creative process
  • The possibilities mixed media & Procreate
  • What is an inspiration sketchbook?
  • IDEATION & mind mapping YOU
  • A peek inside Traci’s inspiration sketchbooks
  • From idea to collection
  • What is your creative project?
  • Creating a consistent painting practice
  • Procreate collage: designing an inspiration board
  • creating a color palette from photos
  • Mixed media & watercolor swatching
  • INSPIRATION SKETCHBOOK process roadmap
  • Exploring sketching & motifs in Procreate
  • strategies for completing your next body of work
PROGRAM FORMAT | The workshop was delivered over 3 days of LIVE trainings with Q & A sessions and BONUS open studio sessions.
ACCESS | ALL The sessions are now available for self-guided access

ART SUPPLIES | sketchbook, paper, various watermedia, brushes, black pen. use what you have in your studio. I'll be using #tracibautistaCOLOR paints & inks along with water-soluble pencils

APPS | Procreate and Noteshelf on the iPad

IPAD & STYLUS | I'll be working on a 12.9" iPad Pro {2018} and using an Apple Pencil 2. If you have early versions of the iPad or a different stylus you can still join this course but some of the updated features in Procreate may not be available. This course is suited for beginners to advanced students.

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