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  • DREAM BIG is year-long program that I created in 2012, it is being updated and relaunched in 2016. Join the waitlist to be notified when it is launched.  It includes monthly discussions, worksheets, resources and PDF workbooks to GROW your creative business and inspire you with ideas on how to make a living doing what you love. My creative business program will guide you throughout the year to create a successful career based on your passions. The DREAM BIG digital guides are now available for self-guided access along with access to my NEW creative business community.

    DREAM BIG art journal pages

    Whether you are just launching your business, thinking about transitioning your career or a seasoned expert, DREAM BIG offers a variety of valuable information to help you plan and take your business to the next level.  This is a small investment to access an abundance of information to grow your business!  This program will be updated and relaunched in 2016.

    Another GREAT creative business e-course if you are just launching your business is Discovering YOU e-course.

    Join in the creative journey..and always DREAM BIG!
  • As a DREAM BIG PREMIUM member you will receive the following:

    The DREAM BIG digital guides are colorful PDF e-books with numerous pages of ideas, worksheets, stories, journal jumpstarts and case studies. The guides feature articles on how to build your creative business focusing on marketing campaigns, budgeting, blogging, social media, market trends to industry research. Originally published in 2012, the digital workbooks cover a vast number of business topics. These workbooks are intended to help you work in your DREAM BIG business journal and provide guidance in developing your creative marketing roadmap for the year.

    DREAM BIG digital guide workbooks include a variety of the following:

    • marketing calender ideas
    • monthly goal setting ideas
    • market research overviews - info, statistics and facts about various craft/art/design niche markets
    • creative business worksheets
    • resources and tips
    • collage sheets
    • business “creative” flash cards
    • creative business checklists
    • monthly blog content ideas
    • monthly product development ideas
    • creative idea journal jumpstarts - color palettes, prints & patterns, photos
    • trend spotting ideas

    The DREAM BIG online community is designed to give creative entrepreneurs a place to share resources, ideas, ask questions and talk with like-minded people who share a passion for art, design and creative business. It is a valuable resource for creative business information, a place to network and share with other creative business owners.The online community will feature articles on how to build your creative business focusing on marketing campaigns, budgeting, blogging, social media, market trends to industry research. The online community is hosted privately on my creativityUNLEASHED collective website, as a PREMIUM member you have access to private blog posts, an interactive supportive group, LIVE steaming web demos/chats and discussions.

    Here's what is included in the online community:

    • 12 DREAM BIG digital guide e-books which include 100+ pages of colorful PDF pages, worksheets, stories, art journaling cards
    • 50 creative business community discussions.
    • access to private forum and creative business blog posts
    • Q& A discussions on creative business topics
    • 24/7 UNLIMITED access to online business community & discussions
    • fostering a community and network of artists to help promote your business
    • click "dream big calendar" for DREAM BIG digital guides and online community content
  • The DREAM BIG program includes a YEAR of inspiration, articles and information to GROW your creative business!  Below is a calendar of business topics discussed in the DREAM BIG program. This list is the starting point for discussions and creative business worksheets. This program was originally published in 2012 and will be updated and relaunched in 2016.

    creative business goals
    building a business based on passion
    managing an irregular income
    balancing work & life
    budget + income projection worksheets
    planning your creative marketing roadmap
    transitioning your career
    {VIDEO} dream big planner + calendar planning worksheets
    business art journaling cards + collage sheets
    LIVE CHAT replay

    creative marketing roadmap
    strategies to write your marketing plan
    how-to marketing calendars + budget projections
    integrating social media + pinterest into your marketing mix
    how to plan successful marketing campaigns
    the components of a successful product launch plan
    the hunt for inspiration
    february tabs + collage sheet
    {VIDEO} art vs. business - finding the time to make art

    collections & product design
    documenting the process
    creating your signature style
    designing a collection
    pricing your artwork
    sketching product ideas
    ideas for extending your art
    finding raw & unique materials

    digital products
    Etsy selling/marketing strategies
    designing digital products
    creating passive income streams
    developing a digital store
    selling your digital designs

    art + design + book publishing
    writing + brainstorming a book proposal
    book proposal worksheets
    art+design+book publisher resources and overview
    writing for a magazine
    developing a publication plan

    market research
    conducting your own market research
    online resources and search ideas
    discovering alternative markets
    using ETSY + social media for research
    research 101 - techniques for market research
    target market + research worksheets

    blogging & social media
    the future of social media
    monetizing your blog - alternative ways to make money
    blog sponsorships - product reviews
    what’s your story? + worksheets
    social media mix - how do these all integrate
    you & your blog
    even more blog content ideas - 33 blog ideas

    blog media kits + planning worksheets
    understanding your digital footprint
    creative business journaling cards
    alternative FREE + low cost advertising
    trade for advertising
    autumn blog topics + collage worksheets

    building community
    attracting an audience
    25+ creative ways to build your audience
    community ideas
    establishing your BRAND
    who is your audience?

    teaching your craft
    teaching ideas venues + proposals
    where can I teach? event overviews
    teaching income projection worksheets
    AUTUMN topics {words + project ideas}

    AUTUMN creative business camp
    prepping for the holidays
    DIY post-it blog calendar
    35+ holiday blog ideas
    HOLIDAY planning {journal cards + collage sheets}
    SOCIAL MEDIA holiday promotion
    creative HOLIDAY packaging
    LIVE CHAT replay

    evaluating your SUCCESSFUL year
    evaluating the year and planning for next year
    ANNUAL business review: highlights & successes
    where did you make money? what are the most profitable aspects of your business?
    creative business planning worksheets
    what did you learn this year?
    DREAMING BIG...what’s next for you?

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