FASHIONista FACES e-course

  • FASHIONista FACES e-course
    mixed media techniques for drawing and painting stylized faces

    workshop description | This mixed media online workshop will encourage you to explore DRAWING, collage and painting stylized faces and figures! My fashionista faces are inspired by fashion photography and creative imagination. This workshop will combine sketching, doodling, painting, collage and digital art! The online workshop content is delivered in six PDF colorful workbooks with step-by-step photos, creative jumpstarts, digital collage sheets, multiple technique videos, photo galleries and discussions.

    lesson no. 1- inspiration..doodling..sketching
    lesson no. 2 - painting bold & bright
    lesson no. 4- graffiti fashion figures
    lesson no. 5- handmade canvases
    lesson no. 6 - digitally mixing 

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  • Lesson ONE: You’ll start building your INSPIRATION notebook...collecting images, swatches, words and ideas to inspire your artwork which you’ll use throughout the course. Then ease into developing your creative drawing style. Beginning with black & white..doodling & drawing simple lines. pure. pen to paper...sketching faces and figures..then delve into color with markers.

    Lesson TWO: it’s all about painting bright & bold. adding your artistic style and bringing out the features of the faces. You’ll use your sketches as guides and learn about building layers of color with paint and ink. You’ll paint textured backgrounds, explore working with letters and graffiti backgrounds.

    Lesson THREE: brings a twist...defining the FACE with colored pencils, oil pastels and various markers. You’ll experiment combining faces with collage incorporating typography, doodles, images and the textured backgrounds from the previous week. 

    Lesson FOUR: Expanding on collage and colorful layers, the fourth lesson we focus on figures. you don’t have to know how to draw the body, this is not a life drawing class. I’ll provide simple techniques for you to create your own stylized figures inspired by fashion illustrations. you’ll work more with sketching, collage and paint.

    Lesson FIVE: you’ll learn how to build your own canvases with a variety of found papers to use as a base for your mixed media creations. This week you’ll focus on refining your style, creating a painting mixing your favorite techniques.

    Lesson SIX: Lastly, the final lesson I share ways to digitally enhance your mixed media creations combining photography, text and found images. You will explore digital collage in a variety of ways combined with your handmade art. 

    Each lesson I share a video of a mixed media piece from start to finish. Along with separate videos that explore different techniques and ideas, several creative jumpstarts and exercises that will help you focus on enhancing your drawing and painting skills. Each lesson builds on the next. Throughout the course I provide inspiration links and ideas to online resources, books and references to help you explore creating stylized drawings in depth. Get ready for the FABULOUS fun adventure...come & play!!

  • Here's a video preview for the Fashionista online workshop 

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