LAUNCH your e-course {self guided}

  • LAUNCH your e-course self-guided
    + 7 HD video lessons
    + 20 page PDF workbook
    + colorful journal planning worksheets
    + 1 live stream Q & A session replay
    + self guided study..register anytime!

    Take your workshops online, reach a global audience and make money!

    LAUNCH your e-course self guided gives you an high level overview of strategies and ideas for creating profitable online courses. You'll have access to a 6-part video series with over 2 hours of content PLUS one live stream Q & A session replay. There is a 20-page pdf workbook for you to use to follow along the workshop videos, brainstorm and plan your course. This is a self-guided course and gives you a solid foundation of ideas and items to consider when planning your courses.

    The self guided version explains DIY strategies to create products and profit from teaching art online. In the video lessons, you’ll learn about a broad set of topics including developing content, hosting platforms, live stream vs self-paced, creative partnerships, YouTube/ Vimeo video tutorials, blog tutorials, developing your content, monetizing your workshops, technology trends + equipment setup, managing the classroom, using social media as a teaching tool and launch strategies.

    TURN your art process into profit! 

    If you are looking for a more in-depth study, with step-by-step planning worksheets, videos, templates and modules to create + build your course register for LAUNCH your e-course intensive} 

  • workshop videos give you a thorough understanding of all aspects of creating and launching an e-course {if you want more in-depth study, with step-by-step planning worksheets, videos, templates and modules to create + build your course register for LAUNCH your e-course intensive}

LESSON ONE: the opportunity + numbers {profit from your process}

LESSON TWO: the FORMAT + selling your course

LESSON THREE: content development

LESSON FOUR: technology

LESSON FIVE: promotion + marketing

LESSON SIX: create YOUR plan

  • program details
    • access includes 7 videos lessons {edited from a live studio broadcast}
    • access to one live stream Q & A session {Thursday, April 7, 2016 at 10:30am - 11:30 am PT USA time}. If you are not able to attend the live session, HD REPLAY will be available within 48 hours. All videos have 24/7 access.
    • The live stream events last up to 1 hr, which includes creative business trainings and discussions including Q&A.
    • exclusive MEMBERS ONLY content including high resolution digital collage/PDF workbooks, ideas + inspiration.
    • all PDF workbooks contain self-guided exercises available digitally for download.
    • You need a printer and ink/toner if you want to print them. All PDFs are high resolution color graphic intensive files.
    • The pdf workbooks and videos are accessible using most smartphones and tablet devices... {iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android}
    • Confirmation email will automatically be sent once you register. LAUNCH your e-course self-guided study classroom invitations will be sent out March 7, 2016. Videos are live on March 7, 2016. If you register after this date, invitations will be sent within 24 hours of the next business day. 
    • Cancellation & Refunds - There are NO refunds once you access the LAUNCH your e-course classroom.
    Be part of the creative journey!! © Copyright 2012-2016 Traci Bautista

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