Are you ready to take your creative journey to the next level? Join our PLAY + INSPIRATION SKETCHBOOK and unlock a world of inspiration, guidance, and support to fuel your artistic endeavors.

Get TWO MONTHS FREE when you upgrade, this option saves you $180!

*ONE year of access to all PLAY collective content, open studios, live events, and community support

* Includes one year of access to the INSPIRATION SKETCHBOOK course and previous workshops/retreats.

*Includes access to INSPIRATION SKETCHBOOK LIVE six-week creative sprint held in May/June. 

*Includes quarterly LIVE CREATIVE PROJECT planning & check-in.

*Option to renew access after the first year for $79/quarter

Join a tight-knit community to get support wherever you are in your creative journey whether you paint for a hobby or are a full-time creative entrepreneur. 

When you are a member of PLAY you'll have access to several curated resources to move you forward faster in your artistic practice...

  • LIVE workshops & open studio PLAYdates where you experiment with new techniques and make the time to do the work
  • access to a selection of Traci's mixed media courses 🤓
  • digital printables PLAY sheets 
  • creative prompts - to get you working in your sketchbook or journal 
  • on-demand video library with 400+ videos {think Netflix but for mixed media + watercolor + art journaling + digital painting}
  • BTS studio notes videos 😊
  • seasonal/quarterly thematic challenges to jumpstart your creative practice 
    • private community

    When you upgrade to PLAY + INSPIRATION SKETCHBOOK...

    • One Year of Access to PLAY Collective Content: Dive into a treasure trove of resources, including monthly themes, creative prompts, expert guidance, and a vibrant community of fellow artists. With access to all PLAY Collective content, open studios, live events, and community support, you'll have everything you need to nurture your creativity and explore your artistic potential.
    • INSPIRATION SKETCHBOOK Course: Immerse yourself in our comprehensive INSPIRATION SKETCHBOOK course, where you'll get one-year access to learn essential techniques, exercises, and strategies to develop your creative process and bring your artistic visions to life. Gain access to previous LIVE workshops, retreats, and exclusive content designed to inspire and empower you on your creative journey.
    • Six-Week Creative Sprint in May/June: Participate in our upcoming INSPIRATION SKETCHBOOK six-week sprint, held in May/June, and receive guided instruction, prompts, and support to ideate, brainstorm, and create your next body of work or creative project.
    • IDEATION SESSIONS—a dynamic series of brainstorming sessions designed to ignite your creativity and unleash your artistic genius. These sessions provide a supportive space for exploration, idea generation, and concept development.
    • Quarterly Creative Project Planning & Check-In: Stay on track with your creative goals with quarterly planning sessions and check-ins. Receive guidance, feedback, and accountability as you plan and execute your creative projects throughout the year.
    • PLUS, receive a signed copy of one of my books as our special thank you for upgrading to PLAY+!

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