by Traci Bautista August 01, 2017

WELCOME TO the COLOR LAB!! #tracibautistaCOLOR is a collection of LIMITED EDITION experimental handcrafted artisan inks, watercolor paints and mixed media tools created by traci bautista. Each collection is one-of-a-kind, no two sets are the same. The paint and inks are handmade in small batches with limited quantities.

This is truly a labor of LOVE, by focusing on high quality and unique color recipes, it allows me to bring in the elements of PLAY and experimentation into my artwork and manufacturing process. 

With these deep, rich color palettes you’ll explore mixed media in a brand new way. My products are created to encourage you to push the limits of your own PLAY and explore.

They are made with the mixed media artist in mind and are intended for use in an art journal or sketchbook. Many of the paints and inks can be used with a dip pen, some fountain pens or in hand lettering + modern calligraphy too. Basically anywhere you want unique color in your artwork.

CREATIVE PROCESSWhat if….I mix a little of this and a little of that? the design process for each artisanal ink + handmade watercolor collection sometimes starts with an idea of mixing various pigments, dyes, micas and minerals to create a specific color. Then each color is derived and designed around the first. Other times I start with a theme, phrase or image and I build a collection from that idea. No matter which way it unfolds, the creative process is always full of play and experimentation. It’s very intuitive and one thing leads to the's color alchemy.

ABOUT THE PAINTS: Many of the paints are created by combining a number of pigments. They create a number of textured effects depending on the substrate, type of paper and the amount of water used when they are applied. The magic unfolds as the colors dry and the pigments start to separate and bleed. Some colors have a vibrant sheen or luster as the light gently hits the surface. They are truly MAGICAL especially when they are layered with each other.

Every collection is an exploration of COLOR...just like in my artwork. Some collections are completely experimental. The colors range from lightfast to renegade, many of them will move and mix if rewet. 

The paints + inks are made with a variety of non-toxic materials including colored pigments, water-based dyes, micas, earth pigments, and minerals. The handmade paints include a custom mixed binder made with organic gum arabic, organic local honey and an organic preservative.

Some of the future collections I've been experimenting with are made from natural dyes which have been extracted from foraged plants and flowers in my garden and collected during my travels.

I hope you are open to join me in this unique journey!

INSIDE THE COLOR LAB: Each paint, ink and COLOR product is conceived, created, developed and handmade by Traci Bautista. Due to the unique handcrafted manufacturing process of this product, every collection is different. Each ink and paint is hand mixed or mulled in very small quantities. The colors on the computer screen may differ from the actual set. And one set will have a slight variation to the next.

The limited editions tend to sell out very quickly, so make sure to follow me on Instagram @treicdesigns for the latest info, product sneak peeks, special pop-up sales and announcements. HANDCRAFTED IN THE USA with LOVE.

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Traci Bautista
Traci Bautista