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Step into a world where coastal serenity meets free-spirited boho allure with the AUTUMN 'Boho Coastal Vibes' collection. Each handcrafted paint color is a journey into the heart of the sea, where the rhythmic waves whisper tales of adventure and the salty breeze carries the essence of untamed beauty.

Boho Coastal Vibes collection, a beautiful subtle fall palette that has influences of living a carefree bohemian life infused with a coastal beach vibe inspired by a hike through the Sutro Baths at Lands End in Ocean Beach San Francisco. During this chilly day, I encountered a beautiful connection to nature as the sound of crashing waves echoed through the ruins, and the plants were shrouded in the chilly autumn fog.

The essence of this memory brings this new paint collection to life...

This palette incorporates sandy and soft blue and gray tones mixed with autumn foliage in warm shades like burnt orange, deep rust, and the golden yellow of coastal plants.

THIS IS A PRE-ORDER. IF YOU ARE A PIGMENT LEVEL QUARTERLY BOX SUBSCRIBER this is the same box that includes a selection of all of the AUTUMN collection. 


NOTE: if you order this set with other paints or inks they will all be shipped together

AUTUMN PALETTE: The collection is a gorgeous mix of muted autumn coastal-inspired colors. They create a beautiful color range when you mix the inks & paints🎨 Some inks have a bit of additional metallic flakes while others are marbled with layers of colors.

This collection is made up of a range of AUTUMN coastal colors, here are a few highlights...

  • Coastal Clay ~ is a gentle and inviting blend of light off-white with a hint of warm gray. This color embodies the serene beauty of the Pacific coastal oceanside, where sandy shores meet the gentle embrace of the sea. It captures the essence of coastal tranquility as if the sands have absorbed the soothing hues of the San Francisco sky at dawn.
  • Seaside Wild Buckwheat~ captures the rustic charm of coastal autumn landscapes. This warm peachy brown hue mirrors the dried flower heads of wild buckwheat as they bask in the coastal sun, casting a soft, inviting glow. It's a color that evokes the beauty of seaside flora in its late-season splendor, inviting you to embrace the tranquil, earthy vibes of coastal autumn.
  • Sunset Sienna ~ a captivating mix of Raw Sienna with a touch of Brown Ochre for depth. It mirrors the hues of coastal sunsets, where the sun kisses the horizon, casting a warm, burnt sienna glow. This color embodies the tranquil beauty of twilight by the sea.
  • Golden Sands Serenity: a blend of light brown ochre and Buff Titanium. It captures the golden warmth of coastal sands beneath the setting sun.
  • Sapphire Coastline:  A gorgeous granulating color blend of Prussian Blue with hints of grey and dark maroon. It captures the profound depths of the coastal sea, where deep sapphire blue stretches into the horizon. This color invites you to explore the enigmatic beauty of the ocean's embrace.


        Handcrafted with the mixed media artist in mind, these unique paints are created by Traci Bautista in small limited edition batches from a custom mixed organic binder & various pigments.

        This limited edition collection includes a selection of watercolor paint, inks & pigment bars.**

        These are not your traditional watercolors & paints...they have different variations of metallic sheen, some have a gritty texture and multiple pigments and/or dyes.

        You'll receive a beautiful package full of handcrafted watercolor in a thematic color palette...perfect for your art journal or sketchbook. And great for WATERMEDIA PLAY AND FLUID ART techniques.


          The handmade artisanal mixed media collection contains a variety of the following (each set is slightly different and will include a variety of colors in the AUTUMN color palette}: 

          • ONE AUTUMN handcrafted watercolor multi-color swatch tile {ceramic tile with 5 XL swatches of watercolor paints}
          • ONE {10ML} watermedia ink glass bottles
          • ONE handcrafted watercolor multi-color pan 
          • TWO {16ML} PIGMENT bars {duotone wax paint bars}
          • TWO wax pastels
          • PAINT & swatch printable cards
          • misc. bonus mark-making tools

          • PLUS access to #tracibautistaCOLOR LIVE paint & swatch workshop in AUTUMN 2023 {$57 value}

          BONUS ~ ONE MONTH ACCESS to #tracibautistaCOLOR video & workshop library and special invitations to pop-up live stream product reveals throughout the year. {$697 value}. This content vault has a plethora of video tutorials and 12 workshops. You will receive a coupon code to redeem your access with your box.

          ***NOTE: please make sure NOT to choose "no marketing" or you will not receive automated emails regarding your order or access to the workshops.***

          **THIS IS A PRE-ORDER. THIS SET WILL START TO SHIP IN EARLY-MID OCTOBER 2023. #tracibautistaCOLOR orders ship via USPS first class package or priority mail. You will receive an automated shipping notification when your order is packaged. Please allow up to five days for USPS tracking to be updated.

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