a soulful creative journey to dive into the artistic process, make handcrafted watercolors & botanical inks, and develop a collection of artwork

Join me for A CREATIVE EXPLORATION into paint making while you focus on creating a series of mixed media paintings. By the end of this in-depth course, you will transform into a paint maker and artist who has a creative process that flows.

You'll be able to mix pigments to create beautifully handcrafted artisan custom paint & ink colors that tell your personal stories....I can't wait for you to join me!

Here's an overview of the workshops that are part of this online program...PLUS two bonus workshops!!

In the PIGMENT TO PAINT {PLAY} online program, you'll get access to 9 workshops including the LIVE open studio sessions replays and bonus workshops. Each workshop session is between 1-1.5 hours.

ORIENTATION: CREATIVE PROMPTS & TOOLS/MATERIALS/SAFETY & HANDLING - we'll kick off the course with a workshop all about paint making tools and materials, pigments, resources, finding and foraging pigments, and dive into keeping a safe studio when you are working with handmade color.

WORKSHOP ONE: {GATHER} INSPIRATION & STORYTELLING: what is the story behind your artwork? what are you drawn to? what inspires you? in this workshop, you'll explore the GATHER phase of the creative process and you'll start collecting color, stories, photos, and inspiration to guide you through the process of creating a collection of artwork. We'll talk about using an INSPIRATION SKETCHBOOK in both traditional and digital formats. You'll get access to a bonus INSPIRATION SKETCHBOOK digital template.

WORKSHOP TWO: {DIVE} MIXING PIGMENTS. MAKING PAINT: It's time to start experimenting with pigments! In this workshop, you'll DIVE into the paint making process. We'll talk about organic vs synthetic pigments, sourcing pigments, how to research pigments and you'll get a list of my favorite books & resources. You'll learn how to mix pigments with binder {the appropriate ratio} to create both watercolors and pigment inks. You'll leave this session with a beautiful medley of colors based on your theme and stories PLUS a palette full of paint!

WORKSHOP THREE: {EXPLORE} MARK MAKING & PLAYING WITH COLOR: EXPLORE...in this stage of the creative process it's all about making marks! You'll take the handmade paints & inks from our previous session and begin to paint colorful stories. we'll talk about creating a visual vocabulary and sketching both with watercolors and on the iPad using Procreate or Fresco for ideation and to record notes, ideas, motifs, and stories.

WORKSHOP FOUR: {PLAY+REFLECT} PAINTING PLAY & OPEN STUDIO: I'm a big believer that "PLAY" leads you down the path to create art that unfolds and reveals itself naturally as you let paint dance across the page. You’ll work on numerous pieces/substrates to keep a continuous flow of marks going. You'll reflect on stories, travels, ideas, thoughts, and weave those memories into your artwork. PLUS we'll gather an OPEN studio session!

WORKSHOP FIVE: {PAINT} CREATING A COLLECTION OF ARTWORK: what is involved in creating a collection? how do you weave together ALL of this inspiration & PLAY to create a cohesive body of work? You’ll start to sift through all your beautiful experiments and take elements into larger pieces.

{BONUS VIDEO} Throughout the entire workshop series, you will be writing studio notes, capturing photos, ideas, and inspiration. You’ll learn to take these stories and use them to write about your collection. We’ll talk about sharing your work on Instagram and fun ways to let your audience see your creative process unfold. {$97 VALUE} 

BONUS SUNRISE STUDIO VIDEO NOTES: a BTS behind-the-scenes peek inside the paint studio during my morning studio sessions, where I talk about the time in the studio, share insights, ideas, and notes for my creative process shared via short videos. {$197 VALUE}

WATCH a BTS studio sessions video...


My goal for you is that by the end of the workshop series, you will have a great start to a beautiful body of work, a more defined artistic process, and a gorgeous palette of handmade colors that you will continue to incorporate into your artwork!

If you want to start or continue your paint-making journey...make sure to join today!