handcrafted artisan mixed media 


Nature's Graffiti: Exploring the Artistic Elements of the Natural World

Nature's Graffiti explores the spontaneous and artistic expressions found in the natural world. 

It encompasses the intriguing patterns, textures, and colors created by plants, 

weathering processes, and other natural phenomena.

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tree trunk covered in vibrant moss and lichens.

colorful WILDFLOWERS along a rocky path. 

frost on a windowpane. WAVES crashing against a rocky shore. 


EVOCATIVE. a field of tall grasses swaying in the wind.

the patterns in butterfly wings. NATURAL SCULPTURE. 

gnarled branches twisting together. 

EXPRESSIVE. ORGANIC. serendipitous.

BLOOMING flowers & crawling vines.

what in nature inspires YOU?


pigment bars

NEW!! designed with a blend of organic plant waxes, the paint bars make texture backgrounds & creamy lines over watercolor, resists& oil paints

mixed media workshop

When you purchase this #tracibautistaCOLOR paint collection, you also get access to a LIVE PAINT + SWATCH mixed media WORKSHOP 

handmade watercolors

Nature's Graffiti is an invitation to immerse yourself in a kaleidoscope of colors, textures, and emotions with this nature inspired palette

{video}painting abstract florals with NATURE'S GRAFFITI pigment bars & wax pastels 


Nature's Graffiti is an invitation to immerse yourself in a kaleidoscope of colors, textures, and emotions.

It is an exploration of the uncharted territories within the realm of abstract wild botanicals, the beauty of the land, sea & garden 

where the brush becomes a storyteller, and every stroke whispers tales of wanderlust 

and appreciation for the intricate beauty that surrounds us. 

Through painting abstract landscapes and botanicals, I tell vivid stories in color, 

blending intuitive mark making, expressive scribbles with watermedia washes. 

The handmade watercolors, inks, pigment bars, and wax pastels

in this collection capture the essence of the beauty found in Nature's Graffiti.

Let the brush become a storyteller, whispering tales of wanderlust and appreciation for the beauty that surrounds us.

My hope is that when you PLAY with #tracibautistaCOLOR products and this collection,

it evokes a sense of freedom, exploration and adventure. 


Discover the hidden artistry of the natural world, where textures, patterns, and colors come together in captivating ways. 

the NATURE'S GRAFFITI collection

{video} paint swatching with WANDER pigment bars

a peek inside the creative process & collection inspiration

Handcrafted with the mixed media artist in mind, these unique one-of-a kind hand mixed and handcrafted artisan watercolors, inks, drawing sticks and pigment stones are created by Traci Bautista in small limited edition batches.

They are highly pigmented and include a mix of earth & synthetic pigments, mica and binder. Some have different variations of metallic sheen and multiple pigments.

You'll receive a beautiful medley of colors in sustainable recyclable packaging in a gorgeous spring/summer PALETTE.

This handmade watermedia collection can be used both wet or dry to create a number of texture, mark making and mixed media techniques.

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When you purchase any of the NATURE'S GRAFFITI collection,

you'll get access to a few additonal BONUSES! 

Including a LIVE mixed media workshop using the paints & inks,

#tracibautistaCOLOR VIDEO tutorials, and printable PAINT & SWATCH cards.



#tracibautistaCOLOR NATURE'S GRAFFITI collection

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