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Experience seasonal color palettes that encourage your sketchbook and art journal adventures...


When you are a member of the WATERMEDIA PLAY subscription, each quarter you'll receive a limited edition beautiful package full of handcrafted watercolor inks + paints in a thematic color palette PLUS bonus goodies...perfect for your art journal or sketchbook.

Each paint collection tells a story...about memory, time, place, and the beauty that I’ve encountered throughout my creative journey. Some of my previous collections have been inspired by places I've traveled including the colorful landscapes of Australia, Hawaii, Bali, and my own backyard.

My hope is that when you use my handcrafted paints you experience joy and playfulness in your own creative practice..you paint with abandon…you explore…you make marks…you are free…but most of all you PLAY!

The quarterly collection includes a mix of the following...

{contents vary each quarter} 

Quarterly paint collections start with the HOLIDAY 2024 box and ship in December 2023, MAR, JUNE, and SEPT 2024. Each quarterly box is unique and each collection has a different mix of products. {see details and photos in the product descriptions below}

  • limited edition multi-color handcrafted artisan watercolor pans
  • a set of coordinating inks 
  • paint swatch ceramic tile with up to 8 colors from the paint collection
  • NEW FOR 2024!! PIGMENT BARS, wax pastels, or pigment stones 
  • MISC #tracibautistaCOLOR products {watermedia pigment stones, reactive crystals, paintable swatch cards, etc.}
  • PLUS each quarterly box will include a variety of #tracibautistCOLOR tools
  • BONUS BTS videos
  • A set of printable swatch cards, and a collection PLAYbook PDF
  • PLUS each quarterly box will include a variety of different #tracibautistCOLOR goodies
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    WATCH a BTS peek into my LANIKAI paint & swatch workshop...

    As a #tracibautistaCOLOR VIP collector, you’ll also get BONUS access to:

    • NEW VIP collector club behind-the-scenes #tracibautistaCOLOR updates
    • NEW 2024 quarterly #tracibautistaCOLOR paint & swatch watercolor + mixed media workshop {$228 value}
    • First access to any NEW #tracibautistaCOLOR products that are not part of the subscription
    • Exclusive access to bonus pop-up live events 
    • #tracibautistaCOLOR video library {$497 value}

      NEW FOR 2024..two subscription boxes!

      OPTION #1: (ARTISANAL BOX} includes a full set of the seasonal #tracibautistaCOLOR handcraft mixed media collection

      OPTION #2: {PIGMENT BARS BOX} includes one set of PIGMENT BARS + bonus mixed media for the seasonal #tracibautistaCOLOR collection

      For 2024, I've decided to create one "ultimate" ARTISANAL LEVEL box which includes the full set of handcrafted colors for that season and a PIGMENT BARS BOX.

      Every year this subscription has been SOLD OUT since 2017...
      There are limited spaces available, 2024 subscriptions are SOLD OUT! Thank you!
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