25 ideas + handmade tools for mixed media and pattern design

by Traci Bautista June 04, 2021

last minute holiday gift wrap ideas

by Traci Bautista December 21, 2018

OPEN STUDIO LIVE {april}: creative conversations with wendy brightbill

by Traci Bautista April 25, 2018

join me for my monthly LIVE stream OPEN STUDIO session. Grab a cup of tea, your art journal and join me for CREATIVE CONVERSATIONS with Wendy Brightbill...

OPEN STUDIO LIVE {march 2018} show notes

OPEN STUDIO LIVE {march 2018} show notes

by Traci Bautista April 02, 2018

mark making. mixed media. ink on paper. #tracibautistaCOLOR handmade watercolors + inks. painting. library books. COLOR. flowers. paint chips. creative jumpstarts. art journals. dip pens. doodling. 
Boho CARAVAN COLOR ADVENTURE kit {march 2018}

Boho CARAVAN COLOR ADVENTURE kit {march 2018}

by Traci Bautista March 05, 2018

The "Boho Caravan" collection is inspired by wanderlust…traveling through dusty roads…blooming magnolia blossoms…blush hues of spring...dreaming of long summer days…
introducing #tracibautistaCOLOR

introducing #tracibautistaCOLOR

by Traci Bautista August 01, 2017

WELCOME TO the COLOR LAB!! #tracibautistaCOLOR is a collection of LIMITED EDITION experimental handcrafted artisan inks, watercolor paints and mixed media tools created by traci bautista.