Introducing the Ocean Whisper Winter Paint Collection – a curated palette of handcrafted artisanal watercolors, inks & mixed media products that invites you to step into the serene embrace of coastal tranquility.

Created for the mixed media artist, this limited edition collection captures the muted, wintery essence of Hawaiian beaches with a touch of subtle elegance.

{above} BTS making handcrafted watercolors

🌊 Immerse yourself in the gentle whispers of the ocean breeze as you explore the enchanting colors found in the Ocean Whisper Winter Ink Collection.

Designed with care and creativity in mind, this unique palette transports you to the serene beauty of Hawaiian shores, where each hue tells a story of quiet elegance and coastal charm.

ABOUT THE PAINT: limited edition handcrafted artisan paints and inks created by traci bautista. Each collection is one-of-a-kind. There are limited quantities and tend to sell out quickly.

The colors create several textured effects depending on the substrate, type of paper, and the amount of water used when they are applied. The magic unfolds as the colors dry and the pigments start to separate. The colors have a luster when light gently hits the surface and some have a slightly gritty texture. 

The paints can be mixed, used as a resist,  and are perfect to use with my any of Traci’s handcrafted mixed media products and stencil/stamp collections! They can be used for lettering and sketching with pointed nib dip pens, calligraphy, and in fountain pens.

Due to the unique handcrafted manufacturing process of this product, the color swatches in the photos may be different from what you see on screen. Colors are created in small batches which results in each set being slightly different. 

{above} BTS peek OCEAN WHISPER ink collection

COLOR PALETTE: {OCEAN WHISPER} includes DUOTONE granulating colors...sparkling vibrant shifting color....shimmering magic...

This collection includes a variety of handcrafted mixed media products In a coordinating color palette.


  • Seaside Serenity Blue: Dive into the calming hues of winter seas with this soft and muted ocean blue, a reflection of tranquil Hawaiian coastlines.
  • Subdued Seaglass: A soft, muted seafoam green reminiscent of the gentle waves lapping the winter shoreline, bringing a calming touch.
  • Seashell Pink:A romantic and soft pink inspired by seashells along the shore. A seashell pink that adds a subtle delicate shimmer, reminiscent of winter pastel sunrises reflecting on the shoreline.
  • Quiet Horizon: An earthy taupe with hints of pale blue violet and reminiscent of a quiet horizon during winter, offering a grounding presence to the palette.
  • Gentle Ocean Breeze: This muted aqua shade embodies the gentleness of an ocean breeze, infusing a light and airy feel to any setting.
  • Soft Coastal Mist: A misty and ethereal color that mirrors the softness of coastal fog, adding a touch of dreaminess to your surroundings.
  • Winter Whisper Blue: Whispering the essence of winter, this pale blue hue creates a tranquil atmosphere, reminiscent of clear skies and gentle breezes.
  • Sandy Tranquility Gray: Experience the subtle tranquility of winter seashores with this muted gray, capturing the essence of serene coastal landscapes.
  • Winter Breeze Mint: Feel the cool, icy freshness of winter breezes with this soft minty green, invoking the gentle rustle of palm fronds along Hawaiian shores.


Handcrafted by Traci, each paint in the Ocean Whisper Winter collection is a unique blend of organic binders and artist-grade pigments, carefully curated for mixed media brilliance.

Grab your limited edition set today!