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{studio 323*7} | treiC designs studio | Danville, CA

LOCATION | The studio & boutique is located in Danville, CA. The studio is only open by appointment and for workshops & special events. Please contact us if you have any questions about visiting or registration at studio323-7{at}treicdesigns{dot}com.

SUPPLIES | ALL mixed media supplies are provided in all {studio 323*7} workshops {usually you'll only need bring a journal/sketchbook and painting smock}. Please refer to each workshop page for supplies you'll need to bring.


ARRIVAL & DEPARTURE | The studio will open a half hour before the workshop starts and close an hour after the workshop ends.

REFUNDS | Due to limited class size, purchased spots for all workshops are transferable but payment is non-refundable. There will be no exceptions.  What this means: If you buy a class spot and are unable to attend, you must find someone to take your spot. You will need to notify us in writing of your replacement. If there is a waiting list of students, we will put you in contact with the first person on the list to whom you can offer your class spot. If the person on the list accepts, then that person will need to pay you for your spot and once that transaction is complete and both parties are satisfied, we will transfer your spot to the other person. If you are unable to attend and there is no waiting list, we will unfortunately be unable to provide refunds but you can apply it to another studio workshop. 

EMERGENCY CANCELLATIONS | In the very rare event of an emergency or unavoidable natural disaster or act of God, the class may be cancelled. In this situation, the workshop will be rescheduled and students may choose to apply their registration fees to the new workshop or all fees will be reimbursed to students in full.

PARKING | There is FREE all day parking in the studio parking lot but spaces are very limited. Street parking is available FREE every day. There is a 3-hour lot across the street from the studio on West Prospect. There is 4-hour parking on Railroad Ave, around the corner behind the studio. If you are visiting the studio for more than four hours you will need to move your car to avoid a parking ticket. We are not responsible for reminding you to move your car.

DINING | There are great restaurants in downtown Danville, about 10 minutes from the studio including Sideboard Cafe, Peasant & The Pear, Thai House, Domenico's Deli, Bridges, Auburn James, Chow, Pascal's French Cafe, La Boulange. Starbucks & Peet's Coffee are also within walking distance.

LODGING & AIRPORT | coming from out of town, closest airport is Oakland (OAK), it's about 25 minutes from {studio 323*7}

MISC | There is no smoking allowed in the studio.

ABOUT DOWNTOWN DANVILLE |  {excerpt from Discover Danville} Danville sits in the San Ramon Valley between Mt Diablo to the East and the Las Trampas Hills to the West. Until the railroad arrived in 1891, it was a tiny little village. The few homes that existed were built near the creek on Waterfront Street (now shortened to Front Street). Some still exist. The railroad brought growth and development and the town gained a hotel and a depot. Both buildings have been moved from their original locations. The hotel is no longer a hotel but a commercial building and the depot now houses the Museum of the San Ramon Valley.As more people came, they too settled in the downtown area. Today their former homes have been preserved but few remained residences. Most are used for businesses. 

Not only are many former homes preserved and protected but so are many of Danville's large trees that abound. One such tree, reputed to be more than 350 years old, is located on Diablo Road and is the town's logo. Another one is in the middle of an intersection where Danville's major streets meet. While a third provides shade for customers at a local restaurant.

Danville has tried hard to preserve its historical buildings. The Village Theater is an example. It continues to offer live performances by local groups. Its famous neighbor is Bridges Restaurant where "Mrs. Doubtfire" with Robin Williams was filmed. Behind it is Danville's Old Town Hall where local government convenes. And just a short distance away is the Library, The Community Center, and the Eugene O'Neill Commemorative Park.

There are great artsy boutiques & antique stores in Downtown Danville. You'll enjoy exploring the town!

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