InkBlend watermedia swatch sheets

handcrafted artisanal watercolors

#tracibautistaCOLOR InkBlend watermedia sheets

NEW InkBlend WATERMEDIA sheets swatch are coming to the shop on July 5th!

Introducing our unique multicolor InkBlend WATERMEDIA Swatch Sheets, the ultimate art supply for mixed media artists on the go! These innovative sheets feature multi-color layers of handcrafted artisanal watercolor and watermedia ink on a portable palette paper tile, allowing you to activate vibrant colors with just a wet brush. 

Simply swipe your brush across the sheet to pick up the color and transfer it to your sketchbook or canvas. Whether you're traveling, plein air painting, or working in your studio, InkBlend Watermedia Sheets provide the convenience and versatility you need to create stunning watercolor paintings with ease.

This product and formula has been in development for the past several years. Traci has been experimenting and creating these vibrant and colorful watermedia sheets for her personal use. The sheets are coated with multicolor layers of watermedia ink, pigments, and micas. These new watercolors create a beautiful range of vibrant colors. 

Just take a wet brush to the ink surface and paint! They are especially great for travel or on-the-go sketchbook PLAY. 

Portable and lightweight

High-quality, vibrant colors

Easy to use and mess-free

Cut to create a travel watercolor palette

handmade watercolors

Suitable for a variety of artistic applications

Creative Uses for InkBlend Watermedia Swatch Sheets:

Travel Palette: Cut the sheets into small squares and mount them onto a sturdy backing to create a compact and portable watercolor palette perfect for travel and plein air painting.

Color Mixing: Use the sheets to practice color mixing techniques. Simply activate multiple colors with a wet brush and blend them on a separate palette or directly on your artwork.

Art Journaling: Incorporate the sheets into your art journal for quick and easy access to vibrant colors. The compact size makes them ideal for on-the-go creativity.

Card Making: Use the sheets to add splashes of color to handmade cards. The vibrant hues can be easily activated and applied to create beautiful backgrounds or detailed designs.

Scrapbooking: Enhance your scrapbook pages with colorful accents. The sheets can be cut into shapes or used to paint embellishments for a personalized touch.

Mixed Media: Combine the watercolor sheets with other art supplies, such as acrylics, markers, and pens, to create layered and textured mixed media pieces.

Quick Studies: Use the sheets for quick color studies and sketches. The ease of use allows for spontaneous creativity and experimentation.

Stenciling: Place stencils over the sheets and use a wet brush to transfer intricate designs onto your paper or canvas.

Classroom Tool: Ideal for art teachers and students, the sheets can be used in classroom settings for demonstrations, practice, and hands-on learning without the mess of traditional watercolors.

Custom Palettes: Create personalized color palettes by cutting and combining different sheets to suit your artistic needs and preferences.

Inspired by the beauty of the WILDflowers..natures spontaneous artwork

the InkBlend WATERMEDIA swatch sheets

a peek inside the creative process & collection inspiration



#tracibautistaCOLOR InkBlend watermedia sheets

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