mixed media workshop series

Introducing ABSTRACT PLAYGROUND workshop series!!

Attention artists and creatives! Are you looking to expand your mixed media skills and create beautiful, freestyle abstract artwork? If so, I've got the perfect workshop series for you!

Join me for a fun and inspiring workshop series, ABSTRACT PLAYGROUND, where you'll learn how to create colorful and textured backgrounds using a variety of mixed media techniques.

WILD & FREE Watermedia + Mark Making

ABSTRACT Landscapes in Oil & Wax

DIGITAL ABSTRACTS: Exploring Procreate Collage.

Each workshop is designed to help you unlock your creative potential and create stunning, one-of-a-kind artwork that truly speaks to your unique style.

Each session is a two-hour live online workshop, where you'll explore different ways to layer oil paint, watercolor, ink, acrylic mediums, collage, and other materials on various papers to build up unique abstract compositions.

Whether you're a seasoned artist or a beginner, you'll find plenty of creative ideas and tips to play with and take home with you.

workshop #1:


watermedia + mark making

create a series of freestyle mixed media backgrounds with wild mark making techniques

workshop #2:


oil & wax

explore solvent-free painting and experiment with oil paints, pastels, & wax pigment bars

workshop #3:



EXPLORE mixed media and Procreate to create stunning digital collages

{video} ABSTRACT PLAYGROUND workshop preview


Here’s an overview of what you learn when you join for all three workshops:

  • PLAY with watercolors, inks, acrylic mediums, oil paints, inks, oil pastels, pigment bars, and colored pencils 
  • Create rich and dynamic mixed media backgrounds.
  • Experiment with different papers, such as watercolor paper, bristol board, oil paper and mixed media paper
  • PLAY with brushes and found tools for mark making.
  • Discover ways to add texture, pattern, and depth to your backgrounds using stencils, stamps, and mark-making tools.
  • Explore the interplay of color and contrast, and how to balance and harmonize different hues and values in your compositions.
  • Develop your intuition and spontaneity as you let go of expectations and embrace the process of play and discovery.
  • DIGITAL ABSTRACTS- how to leverage your mixed media artwork and create digital collage using Procreate.
  • Connect with a supportive community of fellow artists, share your work, and receive feedback and encouragement.

 My mixed media paintings are inspired by the many beautiful landscapes I’ve experienced as I wandered throughout my worldwide travels


INSIDE the mixed media workshop series...


Watermedia + Mark Making 

MAY 11, 2023 ~ 2:00 - 4:30 PM pacific

Learn how to quickly create a series of freestyle mixed media backgrounds with wild mark making techniques using your favorite materials. This workshop will give you the foundation you need to start exploring the limitless possibilities of mixed media art.

  • Learn how to create freestyle mixed media backgrounds quickly and confidently using watermedia and mark-making techniques.
  • Discover ways to let go of perfectionism and embrace the spontaneity and playfulness of the creative process.
  • Explore the interplay of color, texture, and line, and how to use them to create expressive and energetic compositions.
  • Experiment with a variety of mark-making tools and techniques, such as dripping, splattering, scraping, and printing, to create different effects and moods.
  • Practice using negative space, layering, and composition to create a sense of depth and movement in your backgrounds.

ABSTRACT Landscapes in Oil & Wax

MAY 25, 2023 ~ 11:30 - 2:00 PM pacific

You'll take your mixed media skills to the next level as you explore a solvent-free painting approach and experiment with oil paints, oil pastels, oil paint bars, and wax pigment bars. You’ll build layers over some of your freestyle backgrounds from the first session. This workshop is all about creating freestyle abstract landscapes and botanicals that truly capture the essence of nature.

  • Learn how to create abstract landscapes and botanicals using a solvent-free painting approach that is eco-friendly and safe.
  • Explore the properties and possibilities of oil paints, oil pastes, oil paint bars, and wax pigment bars, and how to combine them with watermedia and acrylic painted backgrounds.
  • Practice different mark-making techniques, such as scraping, blending, layering, and sgraffito, to create texture and depth in your paintings.
  • Experiment with different tools, such as palette knives, brushes, and brayers, to create different effects and moods.
  • Explore ways to balance realism and abstraction in your paintings, and how to use color, composition, and value to create a sense of space and movement.

DIGITAL ABSTRACTS: Procreate Collage

JUNE 8, 2023 ~ 2:00 - 4:30 PM pacific

EXPLORE mixed media and Procreate to create stunning digital collages. By taking photos of your artwork from the previous two workshops, you'll create a visual storytelling collection that showcases your unique style and creativity.

  • Learn how to use Procreate to create digital collages that combine mixed media elements and photos, and how to adjust them for maximum impact.
  • Experiment with different blend modes and layer effects to create depth, texture, and mood in your compositions.
  • Practice different cut and paste techniques to create seamless and intricate collages that reflect your theme and vision.
  • Explore how to use brushes to add detail, texture, and interest to your collages, and how to create your own custom brushes.
  • Discover ways to harmonize colors, shapes, and patterns in your collages, and how to balance complexity and simplicity.

BONUSES with your purchase...

When you register for the ABSTRACT PLAYGROUND workshop series

you'll get access to a few additonal BONUSES worth over $250! 

THREE mixed media workshops. BONUS open studio. LIFETIME access.

But that's not all! When you sign up for the bundle of courses, you'll also receive these amazing bonuses:

  • Bonus #1: Course lifetime access to the course content hub with all live session replays. This means you can go back and re-watch the sessions as many times as you like, at your own pace.
  • Bonus #2: VIP LIVE open studio session ~ JUNE 15,, 2023 where you can join live online to share your work and ask questions. This is your chance to connect with other artists and get feedback on your work in real time.
  • Bonus #3: AI Creative prompts in each session to help jumpstart your abstract work. These prompts will give you the inspiration you need to keep creating and exploring new techniques. PLUS teach you how to prompt Chat GPT or Canva Magic Write.
  • Bonus #4: Access to the private community forum, where you can connect with other artists, share your work, and get feedback and support from the community.

FAST ACTION BONUS ~ PIGMENT BARS 2-SET {$24 value}!!! And if you sign up by May 1, you'll also receive a FREE set of pigment bars (shipping not included, to be paid separately). This fast action bonus is only available for a limited time, so don't wait to register and take advantage of this special offer.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for the three-part workshop series now and start creating beautiful, freestyle abstract artwork that truly speaks to your unique style and creativity!




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Frequently asked questions...

How is ABSTRACT PLAYGROUND course delivered?

PROGRAM FORMAT | A detailed creative itinerary and materials will be provided via email a few days before each workshop. The workshops are delivered LIVE in Crowdcast.  Painting/Q & A & OPEN STUDIO sessions will be hosted in Crowdcast. If you can't make the LIVE events, the replay will be available right after the live event ends in Crowdcast. 

How long do I have access to ABSTRACT PLAYGROUND?

WORKSHOP BUNDLE: if you purchase the workshop bundle, you have LIFETIME ACCESS to your 2023 version of ABSTRACT PLAYGROUND. You can can watch the replays in Crowdcast, then the content is edited and moved into the ABSTRACT PLAYGROUND content hub classroom. You'll receive an invitation to the classroom after the workshop series is completed. This means you have access to this course until it's retired, it does not include future version of this program.

SINGLE WORKSHOPS: if you purchase individual workshops, you have access for a limited time to the Crowdcast classroom.

WILD & FREE: abstract watermedia + mark-making - access until June 30, 2023

ABSTRACT LANDSCAPES: oil & wax - access until July 15, 2023

DIGITAL ABSTRACTS: Procreate collage - access until July 31, 2023

What art supplies do I need for this course?

ART SUPPLIES | I encourage you to use what you have in your studio. I will share a list of my fave materials during the workshops

  • various watermedia, watercolors, inks, pigment bars, colored pencils, pastels, drawing materials, black pens
  • paint brushes, mark-making tools and found printmaking tools
  • if you are signed up for workshop #2, you will need oil paint or oil paint sticks
  • a variety of your favorite papers and/or sketchbooks
  • I'll be using #tracibautistaCOLOR paints & inks along with Golden paint mediums.

Which iPad apps will I need for this course?

APPS | The most recent version of Procreate and Noteshelf2 apps, Procreate Pocket {optional}. 

IPAD & STYLUS | I’ll be working on an 12.9" iPad Pro {2018} and using an Apple Pencil 2. If you have early versions of the iPad or a different stylus you can still join this course but some of the updated features in Procreate may not be available. Keep in mind I used Procreate on an iPad mini {first generation} and a Wacom Bamboo stylus for about 5 years before I upgraded to my new iPad. So a lot of my digital work was created on what is now an ancient iPad..lol. This course is suited for beginner to advanced students.

Which iPad version should I have to take this course?

IPAD & STYLUS | I’ll be working on an 12.9" iPad Pro {2018} and using an Apple Pencil 2. If you have early versions of the iPad or a different stylus you can still join this course but some of the updated features in Procreate may not be available. This course is suited for beginner to advanced students.

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