mixed media workshop series

INK + WAX Workshop Series - Ignite Your Artistic Journey

Unleash your artistic potential and let your creative spirit soar with Traci’s INK + WAX workshop series. This immersive and hands-on workshop series is designed to guide you on a journey through the captivating world of mixed media, opening doors to endless possibilities.

Throughout the course, you will have the unique opportunity to explore and master a variety of techniques and mediums, creating your very own series of mixed media "technique cards". 

Each card, a unique piece of art, will document your exploration and mastery of working with ink and wax combined with various mediums.

INK + WAX workshop sessions include...

INKY EXPLORATIONS: Experimental Mark Making

WAX MONOTYPES: Textures & Layers

ARTISTIC ANTHOLOGY: The Technique Sketchbook

But the journey doesn't stop there. You will also curate a sketchbook creative journal to house your technique cards. This process of creating a tangible record of your artistic journey and progress is an exhilarating experience in itself.

Each session is about 1- 1.5 hrs delivered in a live online workshop, where you'll explore different ways to layer watermedia inks, wax, acrylic mediums, collage, and other mixed media on various paper substrates to build up unique abstract compositions.

Whether you're a seasoned artist or a beginner, you'll find plenty of creative ideas and tips to play with and incorporate into your creative process.

workshop #1:

INKY explorations

Experimental Mark Making

Discover the magic of ink as you master mark making and layering techniques

workshop #2:


Textures and Layers

Explore the tactile world of wax monotypes and paint with melted wax


Artistic Anthology: 

The Technique Sketchbook

Gather your mixed media technique cards into a personalized sketchbook creative journal

{video} INK + WAX workshop preview


Here’s an overview of what you learn when you join all the workshops:

🌟 Unlock Your Creative Potential: Discover the endless possibilities of mixing ink and wax with various mediums, allowing you to unleash your creativity and express yourself in unique ways.
🌟 Hands-On Learning Experience: Immerse yourself in a series of interactive sessions where you'll learn by doing. Traci will guide you every step of the way, ensuring you gain practical skills that you can apply to your own artwork.
🌟 Mixed Media Explorations** From ink explorations to wax monotypes and collage techniques, each session is carefully crafted to broaden your artistic horizons and equip you with a diverse range of techniques.
🌟 Create Your Own Sketchbook Creative Journal: Throughout the workshop series, you'll create a personalized sketchbook creative journal to hold your technique cards and take studio notes, serving as a valuable resource for future inspiration and reference.

Embark on a transformative artistic journey as you explore the boundless possibilities of mixed media

INK + WAX workshop series

INSIDE the mixed media workshop series...

Workshop #1: Inky Explorations - 

Experimental Mark Making

Discover the magic of ink as you master mark making and layering techniques, unlocking endless possibilities for creative expression.

  • Mark making & Brushwork: Learn how to manipulate your brushes and found tools to create different effects.
  • Layering: Discover the art of layering to add complexity and depth to your work.
  • Ink Techniques: Understand how to use ink in different ways including wax resist, gesso textures, stenciling and image transfers.
  • Messy Florals: Paint a freestyle bouquet of flowers mixing all these techniques and mediums

Workshop #2  ~ Wax Monotypes

Textures and Layers

Explore the tactile world of wax monotypes and paint with wax, creating dynamic prints on various surfaces and infusing your artwork with captivating textures and storytelling.

  • Wax Monotype Techniques: Learn how to create vibrant and textured prints that tell a story.
  • Surface Exploration: Discover the effects of monotype creation on various surfaces.
  • Pigment Bars and Wax Pastels: Get hands-on experience using these mediums on a hot aluminum plate.
  • WAX Fusion: exploring wax collage with hand painted papers
  • Found Tools: Experiment with creating a series of layered monotypes using a variety of found and handmade mark making tools

Artistic Anthology: 

The Technique Sketchbook

BONUS PLAY open studio + Q & A

Bring your artistic journey full circle by compiling your technique cards into a personalized sketchbook journal, creating a beautiful and tangible record of your mixed media experiments. 

  • Idea Swatch Cards: Ideas for documenting and using your technique swatch cards
  • Sketchbook Journal Creation: Bring together all the techniques you've learned to assemble your own unique technique swatch cards into a cohesive artist sketchbook.
  • PLAY session and Q&A: Get your questions answered, share your work and connect with  artists from around the world

BONUSES with your purchase...

When you register for the INK + WAX workshop series

you'll get access to a few additonal BONUSES worth over $200! 

THREE mixed media workshops. BONUS open studio. COURSE LIFETIME access.

But that's not all! When you sign up for the bundle of courses, you'll also receive these amazing bonuses:

  • Bonus #1: Course lifetime access to the 2024 course content hub with all live session replays. This means you can go back and re-watch the sessions as many times as you like, at your own pace.
  • Bonus #2: Access to INK + WAX Technique Video Library: Gain unlimited access to a brand new technique video library, providing you with additional insights and inspiration to fuel your artistic journey. This includes pre-recorded demonstration videos that provide step-by-step instructions for a variety of mixed media techniques. 
  • Bonus #3: LIVE Feeback: Participate in two live workshop sessions where you'll have the opportunity to interact directly with Traci, ask questions, and receive personalized feedback on your artwork.
  • Bonus #4: LIVE PLAY Q & A Session: Join us for a bonus live Q & A session, where you can engage with fellow participants, share your experiences, and gain valuable insights from Traci in real-time.
  • Bonus #5: Access to the private classroom forum, where you can connect with other artists, share your work, and get feedback and support from the community.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for the workshop series now and start creating beautiful, freestyle abstract artwork that truly speaks to your unique style and creativity!

PAINT COLORFUL STORIES & explore mixed media



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Frequently asked questions...

How is INK + WAX course delivered?

PROGRAM FORMAT | A detailed creative itinerary and materials will be provided via email . The workshops are delivered LIVE in Crowdcast.  If you can't make the live events, you will have access to the self-guided replays.

How long do I have access to INK + WAX?

WORKSHOP BUNDLE: When you purchase the workshop series, you have LIFETIME ACCESS to your 2024 version of the course. This means you have access to this version of the course until it's retired, it does not include future version of this program. You'll receive an invitation to the classroom and additional details via email

What art supplies do I need for this course?

ART SUPPLIES | I encourage you to use what you have in your studio. I will share a list of my fave materials during the workshops

  • #tracibautistaCOLOR PIGMENT BARS, various watermedia, watercolors, inks, pigment stones, Grab a TBC WINTER mini box
  • colored pencils, pastels, drawing materials, black pens
  • paint brushes, mark-making tools and found printmaking tools
  • electric pancake griddle or quilting iron, small travel or craft iron without holes, Walnut Hallow Hot tools - I will discuss and demo all the options, you do not need to have all of these.
  • if you want to experiment with oil based techniques...oil paint sticks, Williamsburg wax medium, linseed or walnut oil
  • gel printing plate or plexiglas
  • a variety of your favorite papers and/or sketchbooks {optional: cut to a 4"x3" or 3"x2" for technique swatch cards}
  • I'll be using #tracibautistaCOLOR paints & inks along with some Golden acrylics.
  • Golden Mediums: Super Matte Medium, Absorbent Ground, Pastel Ground, Fiber paste, and Gesso. Again, don't go out and purchase all of these. Traci will share more about then during the workshops.  NOTE: If you don't have these and would like to try them out, Golden's A-Z starter kit is a great option. 

When will I get access to the bonuses?

The bonuses will be delivered throughout the course. You'll receive more info once you have registered.