a creative roadmap and PLAYbook to discover, plan & paint a body of artwork in your own artistic style


interactive online program & 6-week creative sprint

EXPLORE the creative process using traditional & digital sketchbooks 

LEARN how to incorporate Procreate & the iPad into your artistic practice

PLAY with mixed media & watercolor

IDEATE, BRAINSTORM, PAINT and PLAN your creative project or artwork collection

Go from UNSURE and STUCK saying, “I don’t know where to start” to 

CONFIDENT and EXCITED with a PLAYbook to create your next series of artwork.

By the end of the program, you’ll have a plan to be consistent and 

create a body of work in your own style and based on YOUR ideas.

Let’s get you ready to… 

⇒ CREATE a body of work that is inspired by your story, your passion and memories

⇒ DESIGN a creative process you can come back to every time you start a new project, collection or body of artwork

⇒ PAINT with confidence and ease using your own artistic style

⇒ BE CONSISTENT: make a plan to spend focused time on your creative project 

Imagine you have created…

…a beautiful series of mixed media painting that you can gift or sell

…motifs and pattern collection for fabric

…a collection of digital collage canvases for a personal book project

…art journal printables for your traditional sketchbook

…beautiful patterns that you can have printed on pillows and accessories for your home

…a collection of digital brushes, stamps and stencils designed from your artwork

What do YOU want to create?

after taking this program...

You have a go-to creative process and PLAYbook that guides you to paint with confidence and ease.

You have the tools and strategies to create and complete your next creative project. 

You'll know how to incorporate the iPad & Procreate digital canvas into your artistic process.

You have created a series of mind maps, researched ideas, and mixed project color palettes. 

You have worked on a series of sketches and mixed media paintings for your project.

You have a creative roadmap to guide you in your artistic journey. 

Hey creative friend! I’m Traci artist, designer, author and educator.

Through the years, I have developed a go-to CREATIVE PROCESS & and framework that has been the foundation of how I approach making art, making my limited edition handcrafted watercolor paints, and designing products. I’m excited to share this blueprint with you inside INSPIRATION SKETCHBOOK!

Over the past two decades, I have taught tens of thousands of artists and creatives. I encourage students to “see things differently,” to let go and face the blank canvas boldly with freedom. 

Let me be your guide on this creative journey.

I recently celebrated 20 years as a creative entrepreneur taking the BOLD leap to leave Silicon Valley and go out on my own as an independent artist. It has led to designing a number of successful products, courses, and books.

I have written THREE best-selling mixed media instruction books. I'm excited to share a peek inside my creative practice and process as I give you a PLAYbook to create your very own INSPIRATION SKETCHBOOK and use the digital canvas as you paint your next body of artwork!

You are a beautiful creative soul.💗


brainstorm, sketch, paint, and plan your next body of artwork. 

We’ll dive into the artistic process...

a PLAYbook & guide to jumpstart to your next creative project

In my two decades of teaching art workshops, a few things I hear over and over from students are…

"I don’t know what to paint…"

"I have trouble coming up with ideas..."

"I'm overwhelmed with ALL the things and I don’t know where to start..."

"It’s hard to bring all my ideas together..."

"I’ve taken so many classes and watched YouTube tutorials but I'm stuck..."

"I can’t figure out how to start my own projects..." 

"I want to create artwork that has my own unique style..."

"I want to create daily but it’s challenging to be consistent…"

Do any of those statements sound familiar to you?

Well, I’m here to support you and be your guide through the artistic journey 

I've created something for YOU!

an INSPIRATIONAL and PLAYFUL experience,

think of this as your creative process PLAYBOOK 

PLUS a three hour LIVE mini RETREAT to explore, paint, be immersed in your creative process 

and EXPLORE mixed media with a digital canvas twist!


INSPIRATION SKETCHBOOK guides artists and designers to create their next body of work or collection with confidence. 

You’ll spend focused time diving into LIVE training, recorded video, mindset sessions, open studio painting sessions, ideation, and exploring sketchbook exercises to jumpstart your creative project.

By the end of this course, you’ll have brainstormed an idea for your next creative project, mind mapped your collection theme, researched your idea, created color palettes from photos, mixed paint swatches, explored mixed media techniques, played with digital collage & sketchbook prompts, and explored working in a series PLUS so much more!

You’ll walk away with a series of sketches, paintings, ideas and strategies to create a consistent art practice and a plan to complete your next artwork series.

MOST OF'll have focused time to paint & PLAY in a guided experience with a creative ROADMAP for your project or collection!


My inspiration sketchbooks are the foundation of any project or product I create. They house a collection of ideas, notes, stories, writings, scribbles, color palettes, images & photographs, paint swatches, collage, motifs and sketches related to my creative projects. 

It’s a place I often come back to throughout my creative process as I develop a collection or product. 

I take notes, brainstorm ideas, draw mind maps,write about my studio practice, write about the project, create thumbnail sketches, PLAY with mixed media techniques, composition, color, and use it to develop my larger paintings and limited edition products.



  • What is an inspiration sketchbook?
  • Elements of an inspiration sketchbook
  • How it can enhance your studio practice
  • IDEATION & mind mapping YOU
  • A peek inside Traci’s inspiration sketchbooks
  • CREATIVE PROCESS: From idea to collection
  • What is your creative project?
  • mind mapping your project 
  • Creating a consistent painting practice
  • working in a series & creating a body of work
  • Using the digital canvas in your creative process
  • The possibilities mixed media & Procreate
  • Procreate collage: designing an inspiration board
  • Creating a color palette from photos
  • Mixed media & watercolor swatching
  • Exploring sketching & motifs in Procreate
  • strategies for completing your next body of work
  • Procreate + mixed media sketch challenge
  • mixed media technique sampler
  • Examples of sketchbooks and studio journals 
  • PLAY: 15-min sketchbook warm up exercises
  • Capturing images for your project
  • Gathering inspiration for your project
  • Designing an inspiration wall
  • Designing a mood board in Procreate
  • COLLECTING COLOR for your project
  • creating a color palette from photos in Procreate



creative journey + artistic process

We kick off the program with MODULE ONE talking about YOUR VISION, the creative journey and artistic process. I’ll share about my creative process and how I approach creating art, products and anything I design using an INSPIRATION SKETCHBOOK.

How do you create a body of work that is uniquely YOU? You’ll write about your own creative process, we’ll talk through ideas to make you practice more fluid and talk about the vision. 

You'll create a MINDMAP YOU as I lead you through a creative exercise to discover your stories, memories and passions and how to use them in your artwork. These discoveries will be the jumpstart for your next body of work.

I'll share a number of ideas and talk about ways to leverage your artwork by incorporating the digital canvas into your practice. You’ll learn about all the possibilities for creating digital art using Procreate.

Each module includes a mini mindset training. In module one, we'll tackle fear and starting a project and talk about developing confidence. 

BONUS: Procreate possibilities & sketchbook prompts

During the bonus session, I share IDEAS for what you can create and what the iPad makes possible. and lead you in a fun sketchbook prompt challenge. 

What is your VISION for your artwork this season or year? 

What do you want to create?



From Idea to Collection

During MODULE TWO, we'll talk about the evolution of an idea through creative PLAY. How do you approach your art process? I'll share how I take an idea to a final collection using an INSPIRATION sketchbook.

What’s an INSPIRATION SKETCHBOOK? You’ll learn about the foundation and catalyst for every project, product and art collection I design and how you can use it in your own artistic practice. It's a signature framework/PLAYbook that I've developed over the past 30 years of creating artwork.

Learn about my signature INSPIRATION SKETCHBOOK process and how you can use this PLAYbook to design your next creative project, painting series or collection.

Sketchbook formats…working physical vs digital and how to combine them in your work. 

TWO CREATIVE APPROACHES: Free flowing PLAY intuition vs. idea theme based projects. We'll talk about letting your work unfold naturally though play sessions then discovering the idea vs starting with an idea in mind. 

What's your CREATIVE PROJECT?You'll decide on what project you'll focus on during this course or season.  You'll explore preliminary mark making exercises to start experimenting with materials and techniques 

Mini mindset this session is all about...creating a consistent artistic practice. How do you make time for art? What can you do to keep showing up and following through to complete your project?

BONUS: INSIDE my inspiration sketchbooks

Inside my inspiration sketchbooks...get a peek inside my creative process as I talk through some of my studio notes and flip through my journals & sketchbooks


IDEATION & mind mapping

MODULE THREE is all about'll brainstorm your project with an ideation session, create an adjective bank and start to gather stories, images and colors for your artwork. 

What's the story or inspiration behind your next body of work? Write about your project, list ideas and stories that you want your artwork to tell.

You'll start to record your creative process and write studio notes to document your creative journey.

You'll explore creative exercises for storytelling for your project theme.

Create a MIND MAP of your idea and creative project using your sketchbook, Procreate or Notion. 

We’ll talk about strategies for researching your theme or idea using Pinterest, hashtags, creative field trips and online resources.

BONUS: mixed media technique swatching

In this painting session, you'll be exploring mixed media and watercolor swatching



In this session, you'll explore creative exercises for storytelling with images, COLOR, words, symbols and mark making.

You’ll GATHER images and get outside for a photo inspiration hunt. We’ll talk about how to use these images to jumpstart your mark-making and visual vocabulary

Learn a number of ways to collect color, create color swatches for your project theme.  Mix a color palette and swatches using mixed media.

Create a color palette from your inspiration photos using Procreate. This will be used as a guide as you pull together colors for your paintings. 

You'll explore working in a series, using thumbnail sketches and on multiple pieces to experiment as you develop your ideas and body of work. 

PLAY with found tools and brushes with watercolor and inks to create your visual vocabulary and personal mark making library for your project.

MASTER the importance of PLAY in your creative practice...let your ideas unfold naturally as you experiment with color, images and marks.

I’ll talk about ways to explore your artistic style using your sketchbook during our mini mindset training and how to be open to exploration as you develop a body of work.

BONUS: storytelling with photos

Create an abstract collage in Procreate. Explore digital collage using your images and create abstract pieces that can be used as image transfers, book pages or as collage sheets


GATHER: creating inspiration boards

During this session you’ll pull together all your resources, research, color swatches, images and mark making to create an INSPIRATION BOARDS.

We’ll discuss various ways to collect your project inspiration from flair trays, to color clipboards and creating a project inspiration wall.

Learn how to create a digital mood board in Procreate which incorporates your photos, motifs and ideas for your artwork

Experiment creating abstract digital collage with your photos using Procreate to use as jumpstarts for your paintings

Get a BTS peek into a few of my digital and physical INSPIRATION BOARDS.

Gather all your project resources, paint chips, ephemera, notes and ideas...these will be your guiding inspiration as you develop your series or collection. 

You'll create a project inspiration board for your new collection, pulling together all the work you've done in the previous lessons.

BONUS: idea to series: Thistle project

In this bonus video, you’ll get an overview of a commissioned licensing project as I talk through the process of developing the artwork and working in a series from ideation, to sketching to final artwork.


creating a project roadmap

We'll wrap up MODULE SIX with planning our CREATIVE PROJECT roadmap. 

 In the final module, you’ll create a roadmap for your project using a creative planner and start building out your collection of artwork

We’ll talk about creating collections and how to incorporate the INSPIRATION SKETCHBOOK PLAYbook/framework as you move forward to develop your body of work.

Explore the possibilities of how to leverage your artwork to create digital or physical products, licensing, teaching and writing.

How to document your process and make it repeatable so each time you come back to start a new body of work you can dive in with confidence

Mindset: sharing your creative journey. Ideas and prompts to help guide you to share about your project and creative journey

We’ll talk about next steps and make a plan {roadmap} to complete your project and how to keep yourself accountable. 

BONUS: handmade color: the LANIKAI collection 

In this video lesson, you’ll get an overview of how I develop a handmade paint collection. I walk you through the inspiration behind one of my most popular paint collections, LANIKAI and talk about how I use an inspiration sketchbook as I create the products.

Ideate, brainstorm and plan your next creative project or artwork collection!!



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You'll get access to the 2-hr replay where you'll paint and PLAY to build abstract layers of colors and marks on multiple pieces. These can be used as the beginning layers of your final pieces, imported into Procreate, turned into collage papers or bound into your inspiration sketchbook.



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INSPIRATION SKETCHBOOK retreat + 6-week creative sprint

get access to a virtual retreat + six week creative sprint.  you'll spend time brainstorming, researching, mark-making, and painting your next body of work or designing a collection. Spend focused time working through a personal creative project 



Download 44-page printable PDF PLAYboook full of inspiration, reflections & more



a guided tour inside both digital and traditional sketchbooks & journals



Join me for an OPEN STUDIO to create a technique sampler



a digital playbook of templates and planner pages for your studio



3-min creative prompt challenge

 Sketching & drawing motifs in Procreate



6-month access to a private online space to share your work, meet artists & get feedback

EXPLORE MIXED MEDIA & digital painting inProcreate 



A creative roadmap and PLAYbook to uncover your next body of work
Ideate, brainstorm and plan your creative project or artwork collection!!

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