by Traci Bautista February 11, 2023


Struggling for creative inspiration? One of my favorite ways to jumpstart a painting session is by working on warm up sketches. They are a great way to get your creative juices flowing and practice your artistic skills.

In this video, I share a BTS tour of a creative PLAY session where I worked on multiple substrates and journals creating quick paint mixed media sketches of abstract landscapes. I talk about how you can use warm up sketches to inspire your artwork, with easy to follow tips and techniques. From freestyle mark making, scribbled line drawings and abstract doodles to more complex color layers, I cover a variety of ideas to help you get in the creative mindset.

I’m back in the studio working on a new body of work inspired by my love for travel and the abstracted landscape and inside my INSPIRATION SKETCHBOOK. I give you a peek at a few of the results from my 5-15 min warm up sketchbook exercises. I encourage you to start your studio sessions with a series of short warm up paintings to get you in the flow and ready to paint larger pieces. 

So grab your sketchbook, single sheets of paper and mixed media supplies, and let's dive in! Thanks for watching!! 🥰 xo~Traci



1. Set timer for 5-15 min

2. Grab your materials 

3. Select a color palette that toes in with your project theme

4. Spray paper with water or brush on water, then paint watercolor wet in wet

5. Drop ink into the wet layer 

6. Scrape a mixture of Titanium white paint mixed with Golden Super Matte Medium 

7. Scribble marks into the wet paint with water soluble pencils and media 


- Work on multiple pieces at a time, and move from piece to piece as you make marks

- Don’t waste your time using a hair dryer instead move one painting aside to dry and keep working

- Experiment with different color palettes 🎨

- I like to use different substrates and sketchbooks to test the papers

- You might want to use a spray fixative like Spectrafix to coat the page if you use loose pastels

- Hang these practice pieces on your inspiration board


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Traci Bautista
Traci Bautista