by Traci Bautista July 24, 2022

{VIDEO} WILD BLOOMS painting freestyle watercolor florals

Hey creative loves! I continue my video series to give you a BTS peek as I develop my current body of work, WILD BLOOMS. I’ve been experimenting with painting freestyle watercolor florals using my WILD BLOOMS handcrafted artisanal paint collection along with a variety of mixed media.


In this video, I share more about my creative process, I talk through behind-the-scenes of painting the new WILD BLOOMS body of work I’ve been creating this season. I demo how to paint freestyle florals using #tracibautistacolor handcrafted artisanal watercolor XL swatch tiles. I also use a variety of my handcrafted watermedia pigment stones and inks to build layers of color into my painted florals. 

Start with a light wash of color, then build up the layers to add contrast into your floral motifs using darker colors. The key is to alter the amount of water on your brush as you paint. I tend to paint wet-on-wet, so that the paints bloom and bleed together.


#tracibautistaCOLOR WILD BLOOMS watermedia collection

#tracibautistaCOLOR pigment stones

Silver Ruby Satin 8 Round {LH}

Silver Si;lk Ribbon Dagger Brush

Silver Ruby Satin Triangle Brush

Ceramic tile - to mix pigment stones, inks & watercolors

Watercolor sketchbook

I am in the experimentation and CREATIVE PLAY phase….anything goes! I work with different materials, mediums and substrates. Exploring techniques from sketching with brush pens and markers to collage and mark making with a gel plate to drawing and painting in Procreate. Much of this work will end up in surface pattern designs for textiles and wallpaper.

I share a deep dive of my creative process in my new book INSPIRATION SKETCHBOOK.

A PEEK INSIDE my WILD BLOOMS artwork creative process & workshop 🌸🌼🌻 

from ideas & inspiration…from pigment…to handcrafted artisanal paint…to sketches…to Procreate…to custom digital brushes…to painting with #tracibautistacolor WILD BLOOMS…to patterns🌼🌸

This video gives you peek inside my new mixed media workshop, WILD BLOOMS. Join me for a LIVE online experience plus get access to a video library with additional tutorials to sketch and paint freestyle floras using brush markers, pens, watercolor and a BONUS WILD BLOOMS digitalCANVAS lesson!


Inspired by LOVE for the garden and flowers, this series of paintings and patterns explore the memories and stories of a trip to Monet’s Garden at Giverny. 

WILD. freeform. flowing.

ADVENTURE. Color. Intertwined.

twisted.. BOLD. Beautiful.

for the past few months…

I’ve been PLAYING… painting. sketching. 
experimenting…writing… mark-making 

brainstorming…mind mapping…
developing and dreaming up a new body of work…
exploring mixed media & digital techniques…


Want to explore painting abstract mixed media florals?  

Come PLAY in my WILD BLOOMS LIVE workshop…join me!

Many of you have messaged me that the paints are continually sold out...they tend to sell out quickly, so the best way to know when they are available is to make sure you are signed up for my VIP #tracibautistaCOLOR collectors club list

GRAB a WATERMEDIA MÉLANGE mystery box…includes a mix of handcrafted watercolor, inks and pigment stones!! 

Thanks for watching!🤗🌸💗🌻 xo~Traci


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WILD BLOOMS: mixed media workshop

Traci Bautista
Traci Bautista