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In today's video, I'm sharing another peek inside my SWATCH STUDIO membership! When you join as a monthly member you get access to a colorful digital INSPIRATION BOARD and downloadable PLAYbook PDF full of imagery, creative prompts, color palettes, motifs, textures, printable collage papers, and ideas to jumpstart your sketchbook or art journal practice.

Each board is based on a theme and includes storytelling reflection questions and prompts to encourage you to explore how you tell your story through your artwork.

The printable INSPIRATION SKETCHBOOK PLAYbooks can be used both in physical journals or import them into your favorite digital sketchbook or journaling app like Procreate, Noteshelf or GoodNotes.

Use the digital INSPIRATION flair* board as a reference and guide while you paint, use the reflection questions and prompts to help you tell your story, use the color palettes to jumpstart your artwork and draw or paint motifs inspired by the imagery in the inspiration kits.

I look forward to having you join me!

TWELVE ways you can use the INSPIRATION SKETCHBOOK digital boards & PLAYbooks: 

  1. Create a custom art journal or sketchbook by printing out the PLAYbook and binding them together.
  2. Use the images and question as prompts for a daily or weekly drawing challenge.
  3. Cut out the images and words from the pages to use as collage material in mixed media art projects.
  4. Use the color swatches to select a color palette for a painting or illustration.
  5. Import the PLAYbook PDF into your favorite digital note taking app like Noteshelf and GoodNotes
  6. Import the PLAYbook PDF into Procreate, cut & paste images to create a collage or mood board
  7. Cut out the shapes and patterns from the pages to use as stencils for a variety of projects.
  8. Print out the creative studio planner pages and use them to organize your creative projects and goals.
  9. Print out the templates and use them to create your own DIY greeting cards or invitations.
  10. Use the printable collage pages as wrapping paper or gift tags.
  11. Cut out the images and create a vision board or add them to your inspiration board.
  12. Print out the PLAYbook pages and use them as backgrounds for memory keeping or sketchbook/art journal.
So, grab your sketchbook and get ready to dive into the world of color and creativity. Thanks for watching!! ūü•į xo~Traci


Introducing…the SWATCH STUDIO!! Join me for monthly color exploration and digital resources.

Are you an artist who loves exploring new color palettes and textures? Do you enjoy working with fabric swatches, paint chips, collage, ephemera, vintage fibers, and other found materials? 

Then you'll love my new SWATCH STUDIO membership, which gives you access to exclusive color inspiration resources and quarterly mailed packages filled with beautiful goodies if you upgrade your membership.

There are TWO levels to this membership…

SWATCH STUDIO {digital}  - Digital inspiration FLAIR* board & PLAYbook - You'll receive ONE monthly digital inspiration/mood board & PLAYbook with imagery, paint/fabric swatches, color palettes, creative prompts, digital sketchbook collage papers, and ideas for your sketchbook/art journal with an ideation video.

The digital inspiration board is delivered in a website that can be accessed by any device and the PLAYbook PDF, which can be used digitally in Procreate, Noteshelf, or GoodNotes and also can be printed and used in your traditional sketchbook or art journal.

SWATCH STUDIO {flair*} - INSPIRATION FLAIR* swatch bundle {quarterly mailed kit} - UPGRADE your membership and get access to the monthly digital inspiration board & PLAYbook PLUS a quarterly mailed package! A color-themed FLAIR*kit of curated fabric swatches, paint chips, ephemera, collage papers, snippets of yarn, vintage ribbons, buttons, and misc-found materials you can use as color inspiration or add to an art journal. There are very limited spots for this option!

When you subscribe to the SWATCH STUDIO INSPIRATION FLAIR* quarterly kit, In addition to the quarterly mailed packages, you'll also get access to our monthly digital inspiration board, which features even more creative ideas and resources to help you take your art to the next level.

By exploring new color palettes, mixed media prompts, and sketch prompts, you will be able to push beyond your current boundaries and discover new techniques and styles that you may never have considered before. 

With each month's new theme, you'll be encouraged to experiment, play, and take risks with your art, ultimately leading to growth and transformation in your artistic practice. Whether you're a seasoned artist looking for new challenges or a beginner just starting out, this membership will help you tap into your full creative potential and unlock new levels of inspiration and imagination.

So if you're ready to take your creativity to new heights, join our SWATCH STUDIO community today and start exploring the endless possibilities of color and texture!


Don't miss out on this opportunity to join the Swatch Studio membership and receive the exclusive FLAIR* color inspiration kits. Limited spots are available, so sign up today and start creating with color!

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Traci Bautista
Traci Bautista