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FLORAL stencil kit no. 2 + live stream {w/o stamp}

  • NEW limited edition FLORAL stencil kits are created by mixed media artist Traci Bautista. These kits are available exclusively from treiCdesigns shoppe. This kit is featured in lesson no. 4 in my 2015 Strathmore Printmaking online workshop. There are only a very limited number of kits available. Once they are sold out, they are gone. If you are interested in ordering single stencils, they will be available soon from StencilGirl products.
    This collection is inspired by my love of florals and the beautiful blossoms I encounter on my daily explorations. On my daily walks I record the beautiful blossoms through pictures and sketches. I use these photos as inspiration and “deconstruct” the floral shapes in my paintings and sketches. This stencil collection was created from my hand drawn and painted floral designs. 
    The stencils are meant to be used as separate elements or in combination along with both the mask and outside stencil shapes to build colorful floral layers.
    Ideas for using the stencils...
    • Combine them to create beautiful layers using your favorite printmaking substrate like plexiglas, gelli plates, plastic freezer bags or Dura-lar to create bold, expressive art journal pages, art quilts or collage papers.
    • press the stencils and masks into clay to add texture to the surface of your ceramic vessels
    • place them over hot encaustic wax to make a print
    • to get the best print from the mask, use a foam brayer or foam pouncer brush
    They are perfect for creating backgrounds in your art journals, ATCs, art quilts, scrapbook pages and greeting cards. Stencils are durable, flexible and made of translucent thermoplastic. They can be used as both stamps and stencil masks and are perfect for painting with acrylic paints & spray inks. see video tab for technique demo.  CLICK Product info tab for stencil kit details. The stencils are manufactured by StencilGirl products{made in USA} and the handmade stencil is manufactured by treiC designs LLC and is MADE IN CALIFORNIA, US
  • LIMITED EDITION kit includes "Deconstructed Florals" stencil and ONE handmade stencils {see image in first photo}, artist papers, 3 art journaling cards and a signed girlie glam note:
    • ONE floral handmade stencils by Traci Bautista {measure between 5" to 6" in wide}
    • 1 Chrysanthemum stencil {6"x 6"} - manufactured by StencilGirl products
    • FLORAL collage paper kit includes 5 mixed media printed artist papers by Traci Bautista {8" x5" papers will vary in each kit}
    • 1 set of printed FLORAL art journaling cards by Traci Bautista {includes 3 - 3" x 4"cards}
    • includes access to a replay of "Deconstructed Florals" stencil STUDIO session live stream with Traci Bautista. Details for the live event will be emailed to you.
    NOTE: My handmade stencils shapes and sizes will differ slightly. The artist papers and art journaling cards are created from my original mixed media paintings and art journal pages printed on high quality matte paper.  Use the artist papers for collage, card making, project life, scrapbooking or art journaling! kits are PRINTED & CREATED IN CALIFORNIA, USA. © Copyright 2015 Traci Bautista. Read our angel policy here. This is a physical product that will be shipped to you. If you are interested in ordering single stencils, they will be available soon from StencilGirl products
    DELIVERY TIME: Please allow 2 weeks{USA} and 3 weeks{International} for shipping as ALL kits are made-to-order. ALL orders are shipped USPS priority mail.
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  • technique idea---> stencil layers on Strathmore Printmaking paper

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