Discovering YOU II e-course TOPICS

 discovering YOU e-course

DISCOVERING Y.O.U. part two e-course TOPICS

the creative roadmap - Now that you have researched your market, you’ve brainstormed ideas, have developed your art or’s time to officially write and draw your creative marketing roadmap. 

Time Management & taking the leap - It’s a topic that is continually brought up throughout the lifetime of one’s career. I’ll admit time management can be a struggle, but I will share my tips for managing an unconventional schedule, travel & work, overcoming fear of thinking it’s too late to be doing this, getting out from being overwhelmed and taking the leap to doing what you LOVE! 

making money with your blog -You have a blog, maybe it’s for fun and to share your story but have you thought about ways to monetize all the hard work you put into making your blog uniquely YOU? 

The teaching plan- In Discovering Y.O.U. part one I gave an in depth presentation about teaching. This lesson extends that to provide you with additional ideas and tactics for..

Selling your art online -There are so many ways to sell your artwork online. This lesson focuses on an overview and evaluation of few key solutions

the pricing game - ideas on how to price your products and strategies for finding the right numbers

Manufacturer partnerships -Ten strategies for developing a working relationship with a manufacturer from tradeshow demos to product development. I will share how I have navigated and formed partnerships with a number of manufacturers in my industry. 

Blogging content strategies - 20 ideas for great blog content. You've built your blog, now how do you make it a place to get your audience to visit daily. Here's a sampling of some of the topics.

SM promotion and management strategies - You have FACEBOOK, Twitter, a blog, website, Pinterest, Tumblr, what do you do?  In this day and age we are inundated with social media everywhere.  How do I manage my time effectively to use these tools successfully?

Building community -Ideas and profiles of artists successfully building communities through sharing art.

creating Digital Downloads and prints/stationary - simple techniques and how-to video on how to create digital downloads and content to sell.

Building customer relationships - specific ways to engage your customers and keep them wanting more

10 strategies for creating online tutorials - ten things you should consider when creating online tutorials

FREE promo ideas - more FREE promotional marketing ideas and are just a few

social media audit - how to perform your own social media audit

facebook PAGE strategies and IDEAS - 15 ways to use your Facebook page to engage your customer...from contests/giveaways to discussions and landing pages. 

the book process - A complete overview of the process of writing a book..from initial research to final manuscript. I’ll share my story on my experience a best-selling book. including...

how to successfully navigate industry tradeshows {including CHA} - helpful tips on how to use your time wisely at industry events and show. 

Event strategies - Creating successful events to market your product from retail stores to trunk shows...things you need to consider when doing LIVE events.

Carving out your Publication plan - Now that you’ve created your art, what’s next? You have a list of submission guidelines, I’ll share how to tackle them and how to carve out your story and create a tactical writing plan


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