creative SOUL journal e-course

  • collage, painting, self portraits and bookbinding techniques
    WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION | What brings you happiness? A smile to your face? What feeds your soul? What images do you relate to? What words describe YOU and colors call to YOU? who are YOU? These are questions you will answer as you paint, collage and build a visual art journal that expresses your creative soul.
    workshop includes:
    -4 PDF color lesson workbooks (50+ pages)
    -11 video lessons
    -step-by-step photos
    -creative jumpstarts & inspiration IDEAS
    -digital collage printable kit
    -archived chat transcripts
    -access to online photo galleries
    NOTE: This e-course was originally created and published in 2010 before I had a good HD video camera and lighting equipment. I have learned a lot about video editing and production over the past 6 years. These videos do not reflect the video style of my current e-courses, but the content is full of inspiration, colorful workbooks and creative exercises which are still relevant today.
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    © Copyright 2009 - 2015 Traci Bautista.
  • LESSON 1: the SPILLING canvas 
    Explore a myriad of painting and mark making techniques on large canvas and paper. Paint COLORFUL backgrounds...spilling words, writing thoughts, splashing, dripping paint, scribbling and making marks. 

    LESSON 2: the INSPIRATION journey
    An exploration of YOU! You will delve into aspects of what makes up your creative soul through a photo journey and collecting and capturing unique images as inspiration to create a self-portrait collage. 

    LESSON 3: self portrait
    The self portrait can be interpreted in many ways...YOU will be creating a collage painting that incorporates an abstract drawing of you, a collage of your favorite things or a representation or combination of both.

    LESSON 4:JOURNAL construction
    Learn how to create a one-of-a-kind journal. The portfolio/journal will be constructed from artwork you have created throughout class. The finished book opens up to reveal your creative soul through paintings, images and words.
    to view a list of general materials used in the e-courses/online workshops visit here.

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