digitalCANVAS Accelerator {FALL}

  • One of the comments I hear the most from artists is, “I just need to be more find the time to create. Some of you say, you lack of focus or you’re easily distracted. I continually hear…”there is not enough time in the day…how do I fit in my art with all of my other commitments”

    What could you accomplish in 30 days? What if you could sit in your studio 5-10 hours a week of uninterrupted time devoted to your project? What if during each of those work sessions you had complete focus and clarity on what you’re doing?

    How much would you get accomplished?

    ...a new body of work
    ...a series of mixed media videos teaching your creative process
    ...concepts and pieces for your next artist book
    ...prototypes for a new product
    ...a collection of surface pattern designs
    …a set of Procreate brushes, stamps and digital stencils
    …a handmade journal with digital collage
    ...a month of social media posts
    ...the outline, strategy and content for an e-course
    ….an e-book project

    It’s Day 30, how do you want to feel at the end of this sprint? what will you have accomplished? How will you celebrate or reward yourself?

    Join me and your new artist friends for digitalCANVAS FALL Accelerator...think of this as a creative sprint...a commitment to show up for the next five weeks and really do the work.

    Part goal setting, coaching, accountability, creative practice and studio sessions. This is not a mixed media workshop, although I’ll share a few ideas and Procreate tutorials. There will be a series of creative prompts, journal reflections and guides to move your next creative project forward and complete it. Plus, I will be available to answers your questions and provide coaching during our weekly LIVE studio sessions.

    Stop procrastinating and create focused time to complete your creative project!

    Ready to dive in…read the CALENDAR tab for more details…

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