#tracibautistaCOLOR ~ SPRING SURPRISE mini box


Welcome to the world of #tracibautistaCOLOR! For the past SEVEN years, my creative journey has led me to craft over 400 exquisite artisanal ink colors, PIGMENT BARS and captivating handmade watercolors. With each collection I curate, there's always a surplus of artistic treasures – extra bottles, pans, dot cards, and samples that hold the essence of my creative process.

I'm thrilled to introduce you to a limited edition collection – the SPRING SURPRISE WATERMEDIA MIX MINI BOX.

Unveiling a symphony of surprises, this grab bag is the perfect way to PLAY and experiment with my handcrafted colors. It’s full of colorful inspiration…. Immerse yourself in the thrill of exploration as you delve into a treasure trove of artistic possibilities.

MINI BOX HIGHLIGHTS: Inside, you'll discover an enchanting array of random delights – an eclectic fusion of vibrant paints, inks, and bonus gems.

Every mystery box is unique, a medley of #tracibautistaCOLOR handcrafted mixed media products, each waiting to ignite your creativity.


Each mystery mini box will contain a random MIX of #tracibautistaCOLOR handcrafted mixed media products. 

contents MAY include a mix the following…

  • 10ml glass bottle of watermedia ink
  • wax pastels
  • Watermedia reactive crystals
  • watercolor XL swatches
  • Printable paint & swatch cards
  • #tracibautistaCOLOR stamp

COLOR PALETTE: Each MINI BOX is a blend of various colors and products that promise delightful surprises. If you decide to purchase more than one, similar products may be in your box.

NOTE: if you are a #tracibautistaCOLOR subscriber, these paints come from previous collections, so they may be duplicates to ones you own.


  • Bonus ink tool
  • PLUS, join me for the #tracibautistaCOLOR paint & swatch workshop in SPRING 2024. {$67 value}

Elevate your artistic journey with #tracibautistaCOLOR!

NOTE: please make sure NOT to choose "no marketing" or you will not receive automated emails regarding your order or access to the workshops.


    DELIVERY TIME: MINI BOX ORDERS WILL BE SHIPPED in starting May 17. All paint + ink orders are made to order and ship via USPS first class mail. You will receive an automated shipping notification when your order is being packaged. please allow 3-5 business days for USPS tracking info to be updated.

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