#tracibautistaCOLOR ~ WINTER🌸SPRING BLOSSOMS handcrafted watercolor 4-set

#tracibautistaCOLOR WINTER WHISPERS🌸SPRING BLOSSOMS WATERCOLOR MIXED MEDIA collection {see details below}...

NOTE: THIS IS A PRE-ORDER. set includes ONE 1” pan, ONE 15ML watermedia ink, one multi-color 2“ marble tile and one NEW watermedia pigment stone & LIVE online workshop. 

Handcrafted with the mixed media artist in mind, these unique paints are created by Traci Bautista in small limited edition batches from a custom mixed organic binder & various pigments.

These are not your traditional watercolors...they have different variations of metallic sheen, some have a gritty texture and multiple pigments and/or dyes. 

You'll receive a beautiful package full of handcrafted watercolor in a thematic color palette...perfect for your art journal or sketchbook. And great for WATERMEDIA PLAY AND FLUID ART techniques.

ABOUT THE PAINT: Each collection is one-of-a-kind. There are limited quantities and they tend to sell out.

The colors create a number of textured effects depending on the substrate, type of paper and the amount of water used when they are applied. The magic unfolds as the colors dry and the pigments start to separate. The colors have a luster when light gently hits the surface and some have a slightly gritty texture. 

NOTE: the photos are ONLY samples of watercolors. Due to the unique handcrafted manufacturing process of this product, the color swatches in the photos may be different. Colors are created in small batches which results in each set being slightly different from the next batch.

WINTER WHISPERS🌸SPRING BLOSSOMS collection: The collection is a gorgeous mix of blue/gray baby blue skies to hues of shimmering purples & pinks, botanical teal green and rich maroons cherry plum leaves, magnolia blossom fuchsia and tree trunk browns. They create a beautiful color range when you mix the inks & paints🎨

The handmade artisanal watercolor collection contains a variety of the following (each set is slightly different and will include a variety of colors in the WINTER WHISPERS🌸SPRING BLOSSOMS color palette}

  • ONE handmade artisanal watercolor MULTICOLOR pans {this is a 1" metal pan with 2-3 paint colors topped with additional watermedia fragments and various metallic flakes} The pan is equivalent to a little more than one-half pan, about 3/4 pan.
  • ONE 15ML TEAL blue green sparkle ink
  • ONE XL multi-color 2” watercolor tile
  • ONE watermedia pigment stone 
  • ACCESS to two #tracibautistaCOLOR workshop replays and special invitations to pop-up live stream product reveals throughout the year. {$97 value} You will receive an automated email with workshop access information.
  • ACCESS to NEW #tracibautistaCOLOR Austrailia collection swatch + paint LIVE online session in spring 2022 {$57 value}

NOTE: please make sure NOT to choose "no marketing" or you will not receive automated emails regarding your order or access to the workshops.

      THIS IS A PRE-ORDER. THIS SET WILL START TO SHIP MID-APRIL 2022. please allow up to two weeks. watercolor orders ship via USPS first class package mail. You will receive an automated shipping notification when your order is shipped.

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