by Traci Bautista May 14, 2023

5 IDEAS: gathering COLOR inspiration for your sketchbook

As an artist, finding and exploring color inspiration is vital to breathe life into your artwork and creative projects. Your sketchbook is not only a place for sketches but also a treasure trove for color exploration. In this LIVE IN THE PAINT STUDIO session replay I dive into five exciting ideas to gather color inspiration within the pages of your sketchbook.

5 ideas for gathering COLOR inspiration for your sketchbook or art journal

Nature's Palette: Take your sketchbook outdoors and observe the vibrant colors found in flowers, trees, landscapes, and wildlife. Capture these hues in your sketches and make notes of the color combinations that catch your eye.

Everyday Life Snapshots: Pay attention to the colors that surround you in your daily life. From bustling city streets to cozy cafes, capture moments in your sketchbook and note the color schemes that evoke certain moods or emotions.

Experiment with Color Swatches: Dedicate a section of your sketchbook to color swatches. Test out different color combinations, mix primary colors to create new shades, and record your discoveries alongside your sketches.

Art Appreciation: Explore the works of your favorite artists or visit galleries and museums. Take note of the color choices they make and how they contribute to the overall impact of the artwork. Experiment with incorporating these color schemes into your own sketches.

Cultural Inspirations: Dive into the rich palette of different cultures. Explore traditional costumes, textiles, and artwork from around the world. Use your sketchbook to capture these influences and adapt them to your unique style.

Enjoy exploring color in your sketchbook! xo~Traci

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Traci Bautista
Traci Bautista