An online space for INSPIRATION, CONNECTION, and cultivating a beautiful COMMUNITY of artists

PLAY COLLECTIVE April 2024 workshop ink tools by traci Bautista


MIXED MEDIA LAB + community

The membership includes...LIVE classes, studio PLAY dates, on-demand video library, mixed media courses, IDEATION SESSIONS, and creative resources to help you grow throughout your CREATIVE JOURNEY


An online space for INSPIRATION, CONNECTION, AND cultivating a beautiful community of artists to help you grow throughout your CREATIVE JOURNEY 🥰 

You'll have access to courses, LIVE workshops, and resources that will encourage you to go from being stuck, not sure where to begin, and unfocused to PLAYFUL, INSPIRED, AND CONFIDENT with a plan to create your next collection or body of work 🎨✒️🎬


You'll be open to
PLAY, experiment, and explore new ideas and finally use ALL of those art supplies you've been collecting! 🌸

You’ll create a consistent practice of art making, drawing, or painting inside your INSPIRATION SKETCHBOOK😍

CULTIVATE a consistent creative practice.

CREATE a body of work that is uniquely your style

CONNECT with a worldwide community

GROW your artistic skills and knowledge

get support and feedback as you design a collection

most of all PLAY!

Access mixed media, watercolor, printmaking, tutorials, and more!


PRESS PLAY...TAKE A BTS TOUR inside the PLAY content hub!!

" I am more confident about filling a blank page, i.e. doing backgrounds. I am more relaxed with the whole process! Anyway, It has been great to participate in Floral Delight and I just love the DIY planner, it will help me plan my art a bit more!” ~Lizzie UK
Inside the PLAY collective you'll have access to several curated resources to help you move forward faster like…
  • LIVE classes & community PLAYdates studio sessions where you make the time to paint and do the work. NO MORE procrastination!
  • QUARTERLY sketchbook & painting challenges - this is a LIVE session where I share a variety of creative prompts and you work using various media {you have the option to work with a traditional sketchbook or digital using Procreate}
  • MIXED MEDIA COURSES - access to a selection of 25 of my courses 🤓
  • INSPIRATION PLAYsheets - worksheets to jumpstart your creative practice 
  • on-demand video library with 400+ videos {think Netflix but for mixed media + watercolor + art journaling + digital painting} 🎥 
  • BTS studio notes videos 😊 - get a BTS {behind-the-scenes} peek into my creative practice, a backstage pass to my paint-making studio, and my life as an artist


get immediate access to all of these courses...over $1600 value PLAY COLLECTIVE COURSE LIBRARY by traci bautista

“I love the live stream events. For me its the best way to watch, learn and be inspired. I can’t ever get enough, so for me if they are a tad longer, that’s great, there are always so many good questions!" It's great that you are so forthcoming with info as well. Your generosity and the way you teach are your secrets to your success.“

~Tex R.


plus you get access to monthly LIVE workshops and replays!

Play collective LIVE OPRN STUDIO by traci Bautista

Enjoy a peek inside of PLAY and a sample of my digital PLAYsheets...


{TO VIEW PLAYBOOK, click the image below and swipe left or click the right arrow to turn pages in digital pdf}

inside the PLAYbook, you'll find additional details about PLAY and INSPIRATION SKETCHBOOK including content library & calendar


Are you ready to take your creative journey to the next level?

Join PLAY + INSPIRATION SKETCHBOOK and unlock a world of inspiration, guidance, and support to fuel your artistic endeavors.


INSPIRATION SKETCHBOOK offers a comprehensive roadmap designed to empower artists and designers to confidently craft their next body of work or collection.

Throughout the course, you'll immerse yourself in a dynamic blend of live training sessions, video tutorials, engaging Q&A sessions, and insightful discussions on the artist's mindset. From studio painting sessions to brainstorming ideation exercises, you'll explore a variety of sketchbook prompts and mixed media techniques to ignite your creative spark.

By the culmination of this transformative course and six-week creative sprint, you'll have brainstormed ideas for your next creative endeavor, meticulously mapped out your collection concept, curated a harmonious color palette, and delved into a myriad of mixed media techniques and sketchbook exercises. 

But it doesn't stop there. Armed with a treasure trove of sketches, concepts, and strategic insights, you'll be equipped with the tools and strategies necessary to cultivate a consistent art practice and design your envisioned artwork series or creative project with confidence.

Above all, INSPIRATION SKETCHBOOK provides you with a creative roadmap, guiding you every step of the way as you embark on the creative journey of bringing your project or collection to life.

Join us in Traci's exciting signature course where we dive deep into painting, creative prompts, and strategic planning for your artistic endeavors.


Get ready to take your creativity to the next level with our PLAY+ membership upgrade!

Introducing PLAY+ INSPIRATION SKETCHBOOK Membership: Upgrade to PLAY+ and gain access to a treasure trove of exclusive benefits, including:

  • One Year of Access to PLAY Collective Content: Dive into a treasure trove of resources, including monthly themes, creative prompts, expert guidance, and a vibrant community of fellow artists. With access to all PLAY Collective content, open studios, live events, and community support, you'll have everything you need to nurture your creativity and explore your artistic potential.
  • INSPIRATION SKETCHBOOK Course: Immerse yourself in our comprehensive INSPIRATION SKETCHBOOK course, where you'll get one-year access to learn essential techniques, exercises, and strategies to develop your creative process and bring your artistic visions to life. Gain access to previous LIVE workshops, retreats, and exclusive content designed to inspire and empower you on your creative journey.
  • Six-Week Creative Sprint in May/June: Participate in our upcoming INSPIRATION SKETCHBOOK six-week sprint, held in May/June, and receive guided instruction, prompts, and support to ideate, brainstorm, and create your next body of work or creative project.
  • IDEATION SESSIONS—a dynamic series of brainstorming sessions designed to ignite your creativity and unleash your artistic genius. These sessions provide a supportive space for exploration, idea generation, and concept development.
  • Quarterly Creative Project Planning & Check-In: Stay on track with your creative goals with quarterly planning sessions and check-ins. Receive guidance, feedback, and accountability as you plan and execute your creative projects throughout the year.
  • PLUS, receive a signed copy of one of my books as our special thank you for upgrading to PLAY+!

GET ACCESS to the six-week LIVE CREATIVE SPRINT when you upgrade! 


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