by Traci Bautista October 29, 2023

{VIDEO} Wax Painting with #tracibautistaCOLOR: Techniques and Creative Possibilities

Welcome to #tracibautistaCOLOR! In this vibrant tutorial, join me in exploring the versatile world of wax painting using pigment bars. These bars offer a unique way to create stunning art, whether through printmaking, painting, or mixed media techniques. Discover how these handcrafted artisanal wax pastels can be used both dry and heated, providing a range of textures and colors on various papers.

Outline with Timestamps: 

0:00 - Introduction to Wax Painting with #tracibautistaCOLOR 

1:14 - Exploring Pigment Bars: Dry Application and Color Variations 

2:00 - Utilizing Different Papers: Demonstrating Dry Bar Application 

5:55 - Painting and Creating Textured Effects with Heated Wax 

9:10 - Using Griddles and Tools for Wax Painting

11:35 - Painting & Swatching with Heated Wax Pigment Bars 

14:05 - Printmaking Techniques and Collage Applications 

17:00 - Layering and Mixing Colors: Wax Pastel Techniques

22:21 - Cleaning Plate with Tissue to Create Collage Papers

23:15 - Mixing Pigment Bars into Tins to Create New Colors 

25:37 - Experimenting with Various Papers for Diverse Effects 

30:00 - Tips for Creating Collage Backgrounds and Studio Notes Pieces 

32:30 - Conclusion

Here's my creative toolbox for wax painting and mixed media techniques demonstrated in the video:

Creative Toolbox:

  1. Pigment Bars and Wax Pastels: Available in the exclusive BOHO COASTAL VIBES mixed media box. Grab one of the additional sets in the shop
  2. Various Papers: Strathmore 400 series mixed media paper, Canson Sand grain XL paper, Canson gray toned paper, rice paper, Japanese and Chinese calligraphy paper, craft tissue paper, handmade papers.
  3. Heating Surface: Portable kitchen pancake griddle (or alternatives like a Paula Roland or DIY hot box).
  4. Tools: Brushes, palette knives, silicone tools for lifting color, a palette for mixing, and a thin piece of paper for drawing.
  5. Additional Wax Painting Tools: Napkins for cleaning excess paint, tissue paper for collage, and small tins for mixing custom colors.
  6. Additional Art Supplies: Watercolor, oil-based pencils, charcoal, and graph paper or children's storybook paper for experimentation.

  • Boho Coastal Vibes collection, a beautiful subtle fall palette that has influences of living a carefree bohemian life infused with a coastal beach vibe inspired by a hike through the Sutro Baths at Lands End in Ocean Beach San Francisco.

    During this chilly day, I encountered a beautiful connection to nature as the sound of crashing waves echoed through the ruins, and the plants were shrouded in the chilly autumn fog.

    The essence of this memory brings this new paint collection to life...

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This limited edition collection includes a selection of handcrafted watercolor paint, inks, pigment bars, & wax pastels. These are not your traditional watercolors, inks and wax paints...they have different variations of metallic sheen, some have a gritty texture and multiple pigments and/or dyes.


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Traci Bautista
Traci Bautista