An online space for INSPIRATION, CONNECTION, and cultivating a beautiful COMMUNITY of artists



LIVE classes, studio PLAY dates, on-demand video library, mixed media courses, IDEATION SESSIONS, and creative resources to help you grow throughout your CREATIVE JOURNEY


An online space for INSPIRATION, CONNECTION, AND cultivating a beautiful community of artists to help you grow throughout your CREATIVE JOURNEY 🥰
You'll have access to courses, LIVE workshops, and resources that will encourage you to go from being stuck, not sure where to begin, and unfocused to PLAYFUL, INSPIRED, AND CONFIDENT with a plan to create your next collection or body of work 🎨✒️🎬
You'll be open to PLAY, experiment, and explore new ideas and finally use ALL of those art supplies you've been collecting! 🌸
You’ll create a consistent practice of art making, drawing, or painting inside your INSPIRATION SKETCHBOOK😍

CULTIVATE a consistent creative practice.

CREATE a body of work that is uniquely your own style

CONNECT with a worldwide community

GROW your artistic skills and knowledge

get support and feedback as you design a collection

most of all PLAY!

Access mixed media, watercolor, printmaking, tutorials, and more!

Inside PLAY you'll have access to a number of curated resources to help you move forward faster like…

  • LIVE classes & community PLAYdates studio sessions where you make the time to paint and do the work. NO MORE procrastination!
  • QUARTERLY sketchbook & painting challenges - this is a LIVE session where I share a variety of creative prompts and you work using various media {you have the option to work with a traditional sketchbook or digital using Procreate}
  • IDEATION SESSIONS- get my feedback on your project CREATIVE REVIEWS* brainstorm your project, review your artwork, goals, help with product ideas, Instagram idea audits, jumpstarts for your collection, website, teaching plan reviews, live stream troubleshooting
  • MIXED MEDIA COURSES - access to a selection of 25 of my courses 🤓
  • INSPIRATION PLAYsheets - worksheets to jumpstart your creative practice 
  • on-demand video library with 100+ videos {think Netflix but for mixed media + watercolor + art journaling + digital painting} 🎥 
  • BTS studio notes videos 😊- get a behind-the-scenes peek into my creative practice, a backstage pass to my paint-making studio, and my life as an artist

Enjoy a peek inside of PLAY and a sample of my digital


{TO VIEW PLAYBOOK, click the image below and swipe left or click the right arrow to turn pages in digital pdf}

inside the PLAYbook, you'll find additional details about PLAY and INSPIRATION SKETCHBOOK including content library & calendar



INSPIRATION SKETCHBOOK guides artists and designers through a proven step-by-step roadmap to create their next body of work or collection with confidence.

You’ll spend your time diving into LIVE training, video tutorials, Q&As, artist mindset, painting sessions, ideation, and exploring sketchbook exercises to jumpstart your creative project.

By the end of this course and retreat, you will have brainstormed an idea for your next creative project. Mind mapped your collection idea, researched your theme, created a color palette, explored mixed media techniques and sketchbook prompts…and so much more!

You’ll walk away with a series of sketches, ideas, and strategies to create a consistent art practice and a plan to complete your next artwork series.

MOST OF'll have a creative ROADMAP to guide you as you create your project or collection!

This is a new course where we'll dive into painting, creative prompts, and planning for your creative projects


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