Tibetan singing bowl meditations play in the background while I sit reflecting on my intention for the days studio session.

My daily studio practice begins with mix of creative rituals.

Writing lists, making notes, brainstorming and dreaming up new ideas and writing about my process are the beginning of my SUNRISE STUDIO SESSIONS.

As the tea kettle whistles, I drizzle a few drops of my handmade turquoise ink and mix it with my INDIGO ink to create a brand new shimmering color.

I mix a beautiful pale gold pigment to create the perfect floral accent of color.

Making and mixing these custom colors has been a part of my daily artistic process. It is a beautiful way to stay so deeply connected to this collection of paintings.

I grab a 2” brush and dip it in paint water then the handmade color…

And let out an audible breath…

These painting sessions have become an extension of my morning meditation.

As the brush dances across the canvas, a tinted wash is revealed.

This is the morning dive as I ease into painting.

welcome inside my studio...

whispering hues. deep connections. 
explorations. wandering.

The SUNRISE STUDIO WATERMEDIA COLLECTION was inspired and developed during my early morning studio sessions the past couple of months. 

My hope is that you will dive into the beautiful creative process as you paint with my handcrafted artisan color.

The collection launches 10.30.20 at 9am pacific

When you purchase one of the SUNRISE STUDIO collections you’ll also receive access to a LIVE virtual paint & swatch workshop in December.

Enjoy the colorful inspiration!💗🎨🥰