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For the first time ever, I'm creating a limited edition collection for Halloween!

This box will feature a mystical, hauntingly beautiful palette with a hint of sparkle...

the essence of Halloween...
the mystique of the shadowy, supernatural world...
the beauty and allure found in the mysterious...
a sense of comfort or fascination amid the unknown...

the symbolism of light in the darkness...

the idea behind this collection is that even in the darkest and most challenging times, there are individuals or forces that provide a glimmer of hope or enlightenment. These "saints" symbolize resilience, courage, and the ability to find light in adversity.

Explore the depths of your creativity and conjure your own hauntingly beautiful masterpieces with "Saints in the Shadows."



Handcrafted with the mixed media artist in mind, these unique wax paints are created by Traci Bautista in small limited edition batches.

The PIGMENT BARS are handmade with a blend of organic plant waxes and a mixture of natural earth pigments and micas. Some have different variations of metallic sheen and multiple pigments.

They have a beautiful, rich creamy consistency and deposit a lot of color. They can be used as a resist with watercolor, mixed with oil, heated for wax paint, layered over acrylic paint, and brushed through stencils plus a plethora of mixed media techniques.

NOTE: Each SAINTS IN THE SHADOWS collection has a mix of colors, if you order more than one they may contain a couple of repeat colors but we’ll do our best to make them different.

    SAINTS IN THE SHADOWS COLOR PALETTE: The collection is a gorgeous mix of dark Halloween-inspired colors with a hint of sparkle... think mysterious, enchanting, haunting, mystical, divine that evokes the enchanting presence of saints in the shadows.

    • Midnight Obsidian, A deep and mysterious dark blue-black, reminiscent of the darkest corners where saints find solace in the shadows.
    • Hallowed Moonlight: A deep, mysterious blue with a touch of shimmer and a few more colors to round out the palette.

      Saintly Aubergine: A deep and mysterious hue with rich maroon undertones and a sparkling black amethyst sheen, this color embodies the mystical and divine.
    • Nocturnal Mist: A misty blend of gray and white, embodying the tranquil, nocturnal realm where saints find solace.
    • Golden Enchantment: A rich metallic gold that radiates enchantment and magic, mirroring the saints' transformative influence.
    • PLUS a few additional haunting surprises...

    The entire handcrafted artisanal mixed media collection creates a beautiful range of colors when they are mixed and layered 🎨 Some paints have a bit of additional metallic flakes while others are marbled with layers of colors.

    The limited edition set contains...

    • 4-set PIGMENT BARS
    • PAINT & swatch printable cards
    • misc. bonus mark-making tools


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    ***Limited edition one-time collections are separate from the subscription and must be ordered separately. Subscribers will not automatically receive this set, so snag it now if you want it!

    **THIS IS A PRE-ORDER. THIS BOX WILL START TO SHIP MID-LATE OCTOBER 2023. #tracibautistaCOLOR orders ship via USPS first class package or priority mail. You will receive an automated shipping notification when your order is being packaged. Please allow up to five days for USPS tracking to be updated.

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