art.journal.PLAY CREATOR collective + community

Does this sound familiar?

I don’t have time to fit my art into my busy schedule, I don't make enough time for "ME"...

I’m struggling to “develop or find” my unique artistic style...

I freeze in front of the blank page, I don’t know where to begin…

I worry about originality, it's all been done before and it creates fear and I'm afraid to do anything...

I have taken dozens of classes in person and online and I struggle to create are that is all my own...

I have lots of stuff{supplies, tools, canvases}, but get overwhelmed and don’t know what to do or where to start...

I spend a lot of money on supplies, but they are sitting on the shelf. I just hoard them and they look pretty...

With so many art workshops, free videos, online classes, and books out there, finding your artistic style and creative artwork can be overwhelming, time-consuming, and expensive. 

Between sifting through endless free videos, reading books and art magazines, taking numerous online workshops, going to the art store, organizing your studio and diving into a painting, the amount of energy it takes to create new, original and inspiring artwork can be overwhelming and get exhausting. 

More often than not, you probably find yourself sitting in front of a blank canvas staring aimlessly or using the same colors/themes/ideas over and over with no focus or maybe you're overwhelmed with so many ideas you don’t know where to start.

….NOT anymore


BE PART of the NEW way to learn, move past the overwhelm and get into your creative groove and become a CREATIVE SOUL VISIONARY.

Introducing the ALL NEW art.journal.PLAY CREATOR collective + community...

An online gathering place to connect with like-minded artists, share your artwork, be inspired and have access to resources that will encourage you to develop your artistic style.


MONTHLY CREATIVE ITINERARIES A colorful, guided creative map with links to technique videos, photos, mindmaps and ideas to give you a FRESH set of ideas. Through online events, article posts, emails and community outreach, Traci will share a variety of mixed media educational resources. 

WEEKLY CREATIVE PROMPTS Don't have time for a lengthy studio creative play session? Set your timer for 10-20 minutes and dive into these art journal/inspiration sketchbook jumpstarts.

COLOR PALETTES Are you always reaching for the same color palette? These color inspiration boards will give you a springboard to encourage you to explore new ways of working with color.

INSPIRATION + idea PLAY books Mobile friendly, printable and downloadable note sheets, collage sheets, creative exercises that include a variety of inspiration and jumpstarts for your art journal or sketchbook

LIVE STREAM EVENTS Q & As, artist PLAY dates, and mini-workshops with guest artist-in-residence PLUS virtual studio meet-ups with community members to work and PLAY in real-time don’t have to go at it alone. 

QUARTERLY CHALLENGES These simple and fun challenges will encourage you to work through a specific theme or idea in your art journal or on canvas.

IDEA LAB An online space to share gather ideas, artful resources and to share your ideas with the community 

CREATIVE COMMUNITY You might think you are here just for the content but you'll want to stick around for the supportive, spirited online community. You'll be able to share your artwork, get support, ask questions and chat with artists worldwide. Don't go at it alone or feel isolated in your studio...join us today!

This is a place for you to develop long-lasting artist friendships, connect with like-minded people and share your art in a safe and creative space. This is not an online workshop or rigid step-by-step program, it’s an online experience that you will help build. 

Choose what you need at the moment, be inspired by the colorful posts, PLAYbooks or COLOR inspiration boards and more.

This is the program that I've been talking about over the past couple of months and I'm excited to give you early access. We'll be building this NEW online community together. So if you get in early, you'll be part a select group that will build the foundation. 

The content + community is the focus and developing your artistic style...YOU are the foundation of this new community.

I will be launching the community to the public in May and I'm giving you first access to join before all the VIP memberships are taken. The price will increase during the public launch. So join early to lock in your low monthly rate!

art.journal.PLAY CREATOR VIP members
get access to ALL the benefits listed above...join today! {click register link below}
register + details: JOIN NOW FOR $15/MONTH 
(with enrollment in the annual plan. price increases soon) 

THIS IS A SPECIAL VIP ENROLLMENT PRICE. WHEN THIS ONLINE EXPERIENCE LAUNCHES AT FULL PRICE, IT WILL BE $30/MONTH. {a monthly payment option will be available in MAY but the price will increase substantially}


art.journal.PLAY CREATOR  collective + community beta phase opens late April. You'll receive additional details after you register.