INK + WAX {mixed media workshop series}

  • Attention artists and creatives! Are you looking to expand your mixed media skills and create beautiful technique swatch cards? If so, I've got the perfect workshop series for you!

    Unleash your artistic potential and let your creative spirit soar with Traci’s INK + WAX workshop series. This immersive and hands-on workshop series is designed to guide you on a journey through the captivating world of mixed media, opening doors to endless possibilities.

    Throughout the course, you will have the unique opportunity to explore and master a variety of techniques and mediums, creating your very own series of mixed media "technique cards".

    Each card, a unique piece of art, will document your exploration and mastery of working with ink and wax combined with various mediums.

    INK + WAX workshop sessions include...
    INKY EXPLORATIONS: Experimental Mark Making
    WAX MONOTYPES: Textures & Layers
    ARTISTIC ANTHOLOGY: The Technique Sketchbook

    But the journey doesn't stop there. You will also curate a sketchbook creative journal to house your technique cards. This process of creating a tangible record of your artistic journey and progress is an exhilarating experience in itself.

    Each session is about 1- 1.5 hrs delivered in a live online workshop, where you'll explore different ways to layer watermedia inks, wax, acrylic mediums, collage, and other mixed media on various paper substrates to build up unique abstract compositions.

    Whether you're a seasoned artist or a beginner, you'll find plenty of creative ideas and tips to play with and incorporate into your creative process.

    NOTE: LIVE classroom opens 3/15, you will receive an automated email with additional info and access to the course classroom.

    SEE TABS FOR MORE COURSE DETAILS - visit course page for additional course details


    Here’s an overview of what you learn when you join for all three workshops:

    Mastering brushwork & mark-making techniques for watermedia inks.

    Understanding layering methods to add depth and dimension to artwork.

    Exploring experimental ink applications including wax resist, gesso textures, stenciling, and gel plate transfers.

    Creating vibrant and textured prints through wax monotype techniques.

    Experimenting with various surfaces and mark-making tools for wax monotypes.

    Blending wax fusion and mixed media to craft compelling visual narratives through collage.

    Learning the art of storytelling through collage composition.

    Compiling personalized technique cards into a cohesive artist sketchbook.

    Assembling a technique sketchbook that serves as a tangible record of artistic growth and exploration.

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