INK + WAX paper and mark-making kit

Introducing the "INK + WAX" Mixed Media Art Kit: Unleash Your Creativity!

Unlock the door to boundless artistic possibilities with our exclusive INK + WAX Mixed Media Art Kit, a perfect companion to Traci’s latest online workshop!

Designed to complement the workshop series, this comprehensive kit provides you with everything you need to explore, experiment, PLAY and document a plethora of mixed media techniques.

What's Included:

  • Variety of Substrates: Dive into your creative journey with a curated selection of high-quality paper, fabrics, rice papers, and mixed media paper substrates up to 6"x 8". From smooth surfaces perfect for ink applications to textured papers and fabrics ideal for wax experimentation.
  • Mark-Making Tools: Enhance your artwork with a diverse range of mark-making tools, including ink droppers and sgraffitio scribble tools. Experiment with different textures, lines, and strokes to add depth and dimension to your mixed media creations
  • Texture Tools: Elevate your artwork with an assortment of texture tools, including sponges, craft foam, lace, fibers, and printing items. Whether you're creating intricate patterns or bold textures, these tools provide endless opportunities for exploration and expression.
  • Black & White Image Transfers: a selection of custom-designed image transfers will be included in the kit. These are perfect for the gel plate, wax collage and more!
  • Collage papers & ephemera: each kit will include a variety of collage papers...including vintage, handpainted, labels sticker sheets, and more!

With the INK + WAX Mixed Media Art Kit, the possibilities are endless. The substrates and tools included in this kit are a collection of Traci's favorite items. She will demo with many of these during the workshop. 

These are limited edition kits, grab one before it sells out! The kits will ship starting in mid March. They are shipped USPS Priority Mail. You'll recieve an automated shipping notificaiton when your order is being packaged. Please allow 3-5 days for USPS tracking website to be updated. 

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