• A CREATIVE EXPLORATION into paint making while you focus on creating a series of mixed media paintings.

    In this colorful journey, you’ll...

    PAINT abstract florals, landscapes, or a subject of your choice while mixing pigments and making handcrafted watercolors & inks along the way.

    DIVE into the creative artistic process of gathering inspiration, ideas, and color palettes.

    REFLECT spend time writing and brainstorming stories and memories

    EXPLORE and go on a photo scavenger hunt to pull together swatches for your color palette.

    PLAY and spend dedicated time in your studio exploring as you paint colorful stories with your own handmade paints and develop a body of work.

    CREATE an INSPIRATION SKETCHBOOK to house your collection of ideas and notes.

    Most of all you’ll PLAY.

    JOIN TRACI BAUTISTA FOR AN IMMERSIVE LIVE VIRTUAL EXPERIENCE that includes a series of SEVEN workshops, LIVE online paint making sessions, BONUS Natural Ink making workshops, SUNRISE studio sessions, OPEN studio, and in depth Q&As.

    We’ll meet LIVE online 10/19 - 11/11 {see calendar in the CREATIVE ITINERARY tab}

    Don’t worry if you can’t make the LIVE sessions, the replays will be available right after the live class ends, so you won’t miss anything.


    The paint making journey
    Tools & materials
    Keeping a safe studio environment
    Creative process & ideation
    Mixing pigments & making paint
    Collecting inspiration
    Storytelling through color & mark making
    Creating a collection of artwork

    PROGRAM FORMAT | LIVE steam online real-time paint making sessions, lecture + Q & A sessions, these are streaming HD video broadcasts from my studio. {video replays are available if you can't make the LIVE event}. All videos and class content have 24/7 access and are available to be viewed on most smartphones and tablets with a high-speed wifi connection.
 You will have "2020 PIGMENT TO PAINT {PLAY} class lifetime access.”

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    PAYMENT | $234 {2-payments of $117USD} the first payment is deducted when you register, the second payment is due 15 days after. The second payment will be automatically deducted on the due date} If you default your payment, you will be removed from the course and your access will be revoked.  Once you register, you'll receive a confirmation email with program information.

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