MAY 24- JUNE 18, 2021


    A DEEP DIVE into art journals + digital mashups, mixed media + images + painting. Creating digital collage and playing with layers in Procreate.

    Refine. DESIGN. a COLLAGE of memories. the book journey kit. composition. Pattern. FREEDOM. COLOR. Embellishment. Motifs. Prototypes. a blueprint. layout. OPEN to possibilities. a push & pull. a DANCE. Limitless. WANDER. explorations. beautiful LAYERS.

    This is CREATIVE ADVENTURE #3 in The BOOK journey VIP experience. 

    During THE FREEDOM ADVENTURE, I’ll be experimenting with unconventional ways to combine my ideas, stories, and artwork. Exploring all the possibilities.

    - A walk through inside my many inspiration sketchbooks
    - How I incorporate the iPad throughout my entire creative process
    - How I design and create book pages in Procreate
    - Refining the book content

    TOPICS EXPLORED | digital collage in Procreate, combining digital painting + mixed media, composition, cut & paste, building layers of interest in a book page

    PROGRAM FORMAT | Each CREATIVE ADVENTURE has the following itinerary... it is delivered in a variety of formats including short Traci's BOOK JOURNEY studio notes vlog-style pre-recorded videos, one LIVE open studio session, one LIVE 2-hr virtual workshop, a colorful PDF playbook, and project ideas. video replays are available if you can't make the LIVE event. All videos and class content have 24/7 access in a private content hub and are available to be viewed on most smartphones and tablets with a high-speed wifi connection.
 You will have class lifetime access to the 2021 version of this program.

    REGISTER | To register add the product to the cart. Once payment is complete you will receive an email confirmation. CLASS access details will be sent in a follow-up email.

    PAYMENT | $147 USD. Once you register, you'll receive a confirmation email with program information. You can purchase the BOOK JOURNEY bundle here

    ©Copyright 2012-2021 Traci Bautista/treiC designs

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