#tracibautistaCOLOR ENCHANTED*WINTER MIX 3-set


The ENCHANTED EVERGREENS tile has 5-6 handcrafted watercolor XL paint swatches. The SUGARPLUM tile has three swatches of paint. 

Step into a winter wonderland of artistic enchantment with our Enchanted Evergreens paint collection. Inspired by the timeless allure of pine, fir, and spruce trees, these captivating hues bring the magic of the forest to life on your palette.

Immerse yourself in the whispers of ancient evergreen secrets, where each color tells a story of mystery, tranquility, and vibrant vitality that dances through the forest canopy.

Welcome to a world where creativity meets nature's elegance, and your artistic endeavors take root in the enchanting realm of Enchanted Evergreens.

As always, the set will also be filled with a beautifully coordinated palette that includes a handcrafted artisanal watercolor XL swatch ceramic tile, watermedia ink, and PIGMENT BAR.


Handcrafted with the mixed media artist in mind, these unique paints are created by Traci Bautista in small limited edition batches from custom mixed organic binders & various artist-grade pigments.

NOTE: Each WINTER MIX collection has a mix of colors, if you order more than one they may contain similar colors. Painted SWATCH card samples in photos are not included, these show the range of colors in the collection. 

These are not your traditional watercolors & paints...they have different variations of metallic sheen, some have a gritty texture and multiple pigments and/or dyes.

You'll receive a beautiful package full of handcrafted watercolor in a thematic color palette...perfect for your art journal or sketchbook. And great for WATERMEDIA PLAY AND FLUID ART techniques.

    ENCHANTED EVERGREENS COLOR PALETTE: The collection is a gorgeous mix of lovely winter-inspired colors with a hint of sparkle...

    • Evergreen Elegance: Immerse yourself in the rich, dark green of Evergreen Forest, a color that whispers secrets of ancient pine forests and captures the essence of mystery.
    • Frost-kissed Whispers: Feel the cool, icy embrace of Frost-kissed Spruce, a refreshing green that mirrors the delicate touch of frost on spruce branches, invigorating your artwork.
    • Silent Serenity: Explore the quiet elegance of Silent Pine Needle, a deep and serene green that echoes the tranquility found in the delicate needles of a pine tree.
    • Mossy Retreat: Add earthy warmth with Winter Moss, a muted, velvety green inspired by moss-covered branches, grounding your creations in the beauty of the natural world.
    • Glistening Magic of Fir: Witness the play of light on fir tree needles with Glistening Fir Needle, a shimmering green with subtle metallic undertones that adds a touch of magic to your artwork.
    • Whispering Pine Dreams: Sway gently with the winter breeze as you explore Whispering Pine, a soft and muted green with a touch of gray, capturing the delicate dance of pine branches.
    • Along with a surprise ink of coordinating colors...

    The entire handcrafted artisanal mixed media collection creates a beautiful range of colors when they are mixed and layered 🎨 Some paints have a bit of additional metallic flakes while others are marbled with layers of colors.

    The limited edition set contains...

    • ONE handcrafted watercolor multi-color XL swatch tile {3-5 colors per tile} - choose your color variation below
    • ONE {10ML} watermedia ink glass bottle
    • ONE PIGMENT BARS {wax paint}
    • PAINT & swatch printable cards
    • misc. bonus mark-making tools

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