#tracibautistaCOLOR ~ WINTER WHISPERS + SPRING BLOSSOMS pigment stones {5-set}

#tracibautistaCOLOR handcrafted pigment drawing blocks and stones + paint & swatch workshop {see details below}...

WINTER WHISPERS  & spring blossoms palette 
**NOTE: if you order this set with other paints or inks they will all be shipped together 


a quiet walk through the blossoming trees

a misty gray morning…

birds singing & chirping harmonies 

the sun twinkles between the tangled branches

a baby blue sky filled with shades of pink & lavender 

gorgeous cherry blossoms blanket the trees

the deep majestic fuchsia magnolia blooms

winter transitions to spring 🌸☀️🍃 

Handcrafted with the mixed media artist in mind, these unique one-of-a kind hand mixed and hand rolled drawing sticks, blocks and stones are created by Traci Bautista in small limited edition batches.

They are highly pigmented and include a mix of earth & synthetic pigments, mica and binder. Some have different variations of metallic sheen and multiple pigments.

You'll receive a beautiful package of handcrafted drawing sticks in a beautiful winter/spring PALETTE.

These handmade watermedia sticks can be used both wet or dry to create a number of texture, mark making and mixed media techniques.

When you use them wet, they create gorgeous watercolor washes or creamy rich textures. When you use them dry, they draw like hard and soft pastels. Each stone has a different texture depending on the pigments and binder used to create it. 

  • mix them with #tracibautistaCOLOR inks, watercolors and water media flakes to make additional colors
  • layer them over #tracibautistacolor waxed wedges to create a resist effect
  • experiment using them paper or canvas
  • mix then with matte medium, Collage Pauge to create a gritty textured mixed media surface 
  • they can be used on gessoed fabric that won’t be washed for art journals or art quilts
  • they are perfect for your art journal or sketchbook
  • great to mix with WATERMEDIA AND FLUID ART techniques.
  • layer them over water mixable oil paint or Golden Open acrylic paint
  • layer them over mixed media textured papers including gesso, super matte medium and molding paste
  • Add them to your travel art supply bag for painting with watercolor 
  • to set them when used dry, brush on a light layer of clear gesso or Golden super matter medium or use a spray fixative like Spectrafix

I’ve been making these for my own work for the past few years and have decided to launch limited edition  collections throughout the year

If you want to learn how to make your own, also teach how to make them in my PIGMENT TO PAINT: drawing sticks class.

ABOUT THE PAINT: Each WATERMEDIA DRAWING STICK set is one-of-a-kind. There are limited quantities and they tend to sell out quickly.

COLOR SWATCH PHOTOS: show the range of color and marks that can be made with the drawing sticks.

NOTE: the photos are ONLY samples of the drawing sticks. Due to the unique handcrafted manufacturing process of this product, the sizes of the drawing sticks may vary and the color swatches in the photos may be different from monitor to device. Colors are created in small batches which results in each set being slightly different from the next batch. Gloves are recommended when working with the drawing sticks.

The handmade artisan drawing sticks contain a variety of colors {RUSTIC WINTER WOODLAND}

  • a mix of FIVE handmade artisan watermedia pigment drawing stones and blocks
  • ACCESS to two #tracibautistaCOLOR workshop replays and special invitations to pop-up live stream product reveals throughout the year. {$97 value} You will receive an automated email with workshop access information.
  • ACCESS to NEW #tracibautistaCOLOR paint + swatch LIVE online session in spring 2022.

NOTE: please make sure NOT to choose "no marketing" or you will not receive automated emails regarding your order or access to the workshops.

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