Enjoy a behind the scenes peek of swatching my handcrafted drawing sticks. These beautiful watermedia sticks can be used both wet or dry to create a number of textures, mark making and mixed media techniques.

When you use them wet, they create gorgeous watercolor washes or creamy rich textures. When they are used dry, they draw like hard and soft pastels depending on the pigments.

#tracibautistaCOLOR watermedia drawing sticks

I’ve been making these for my own work for the past few years and have decided to launch a small collection and also teach how to make them.

In this video I talk about the process of creating them, swatch some of the drawing sticks to show the variety of techniques and marks they create. They are pigment rich and are perfect for incorporating into your mixed media artwork.

Are you interested in learning how to make your very own drawing sticks? 


ALL about pigments: synthetic vs. natural earth
Tools & materials
Keeping a safe studio environment
Creative process & ideation
Gathering inspiration & writing
collecting color palette inspiration
Mixing pigments to create drawing sticks
swatching your handcrafted drawing sticks
Creating mixed media drawing surfaces
Storytelling through color & mark making
Painting & drawing techniques
mixing MEDIA: building abstract layers

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