{MARCH 2017} "FREE spirit" sums up this limited collection of books from the creative process to the idea to inspire you to be FREE and let go when you create art. One of my mantras..there are NO RULES..keep your mind open to all the possibilities.

Some have torn and tattered pages, some are covered with hand painted motifs like florals or organic shapes. Random splashes of color are spilled across the pages. There is a mix of visual jumpstarts that are sprinkled throughout...some have coloring book pages, faces, florals and abstract photos. PLUS there are many "blank" spaces for you to add your personal artistic style. The pages are waiting for you to fill them with your hopes, desires and dreams.  

MY journal making process is an intuitive session in creative PLAY, I spend days painting and mark-making in my studio and have stacks of hundreds of colorful, inspiration filled papers and fabrics waiting to be bound into unique treasures. Then pull together each journal by randomly selecting pieces that inspire me at that moment. They are torn or cut and stacked into piles, some are stitched wildly with free motion motifs while others are simple tucked and folded to reveal an additional space to make notes. 

The basic construction is a simple stitch but the thought behind the process, the artwork, the fiber embellished spines make these books one-of-a-kind treasures. NO two journals are ever alike and I've made over 500 journals throughout the years. 

The art of making handmade books is a passion I've had since I was 10, when I created my first journal out of brown paper lunch bags with torn edges that was wrapped with handmade paper covers and a tulle bow. I've always loved to make things from found materials and you'll discover that as you turn the pages in each one of these books.

There is a lot of LOVE and creativity that is bundled up in these treasures. I hope they inspire a sense of wanderlust and encourage you to make a mark, to smile and to share your creative SPIRIT. 

with LOVE & light...LIVE a beautiful life...xoxo ~Traci