project velocity coaching + coworking with traci bautista

One of the comments I keep hearing from students is I just need to be more find the time to create. I continually hear…”there is not enough time in the day…how do I fit in my art with all of my other commitments.”

What could you accomplish in 30 days? What if you could sit in your studio for 10 hours of uninterrupted time devoted to your project? What if during each of those work sessions you had complete focus and clarity on what you’re doing?

How much would you get accomplished?

  • ...a new body of work
  • ...a series of mixed media videos teaching your creative process
  • ...concepts and pieces for your next artist book
  • ...prototypes for a new product
  • ...a collection of handmade journals
  • ...a month of social media posts
  • ...the outline, strategy, and content for an e-course

Join me for PROJECT VELOCITY...think of this as a creative sprint...a commitment to show up for the next month and really do the work.

Part goal setting, coaching, accountability, creative practice, and studio sessions. This is not a workshop, although I’ll share a few ideas, creative prompts, journal reflections and ways to move your next art project forward and complete it. Plus, I will be available to answers your questions and provide coaching during our VIRTUAL studio office hours.

Stop procrastinating and create focused time to complete your creative project!

JOIN us for highly focused “sprints” of working on your project. During each PROJECT VELOCITY coaching + coworking session I lead off our calls with a few creative prompts/journal reflections and 30 min of coaching. We’ll do 25 minutes of silent working, followed by a few minutes to provide updates to each other and collaborate . . . then we'll repeat our work-then-break pattern one more time.

This sprint method is HIGHLY EFFECTIVE for boosting productivity and actually getting things done--and getting them done faster than you thought was possible.

PLUS, you’ll have the opportunity to present your project to the group, get feedback and collaborate during each session and our final PRESENTATION PARTY.

During these LIVE sessions, you can ask me questions about your art projects, creative business projects, e-course development/launch plans, get feedback on your social media graphics, product development, etc. . .

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