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Are you ready to immerse yourself in a world of artistic wonder, where every stroke of the brush and splash of color is a journey of self-expression and creativity? Welcome to the #tracibautistaCOLOR WATERMEDIA PLAYBox Subscription, where your artistic dreams come to life.

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    Elevate Your Creative Journey: What Awaits You in Every Box

    Discover a world of endless possibilities with the WATERMEDIA PLAY Box Subscription. Each seasonal box is a masterpiece in itself, carefully curated to ignite your imagination and inspire your artistic explorations and art journal PLAY. Here's what you can expect:

    🎨 Handcrafted Artistry: Dive into a treasure trove of handcrafted watercolors, inks and pigment bars, meticulously curated into harmonious thematic palettes. My artisanal approach to art supplies ensures that each product is a symphony of color and texture, giving your artwork depth and character.

    🌟 Exclusive Bonus Treasures: Uncover subscriber-only bonuses in every collection. From limited edition, multicolored handcrafted artisan watercolor pans to coordinating inks, each box is a journey of artistic delight, filled with surprises to enhance your creative play.

    🗺️ Seasonal Color Palettes: Immerse yourself in seasonal color palettes that ignite your sketchbook and art journal adventures. Previous collections were inspired by the vivid landscapes of Australia to the enchanting allure of Hawaii and Bali, Traci’s watermedia collections are a testament to the myriad inspirations that bring art to life.

    🎨 Ceramic Paint Tiles: Your quarterly box will contain XL swatch ceramic tiles adorned with up to eight colors from the paint collection, capturing the essence of each palette.

    🖌️A Suprise Box of Mixed Media: Each quarterly box will vary and include an array of #tracibautistaCOLOR surprises – watermedia pigment stones, wax pastels, reactive crystals, and/or paintable swatch cards – a mosaic of colorful art supplies for your creative play.

    🎬 Endless Inspiration: With a library of bonus videos, printable swatch cards, and a collection PLAYbook PDF, each quarterly kit becomes a gateway to endless inspiration. Enhance your skills and explore new techniques with exclusive resources.

    🔒 Unlock Exclusive VIP Privileges: As a WATERMEDIA PLAY subscriber, you're not just receiving art supplies; you're joining a creative community. Enjoy exclusive VIP privileges that include behind-the-scenes insights, early access to new creations, and a vast video library to refine your skills.

    Innovations Await: Choose Your Subscription Adventure

    🌟 Artisanal Box: Indulge in the Complete Seasonal #tracibautistaCOLOR Collection, and unlock substantial annual savings. Experience a diverse array of handcrafted artisanal paints and inks with each box.

    🎨 Pigment Bars Box: Get a seasonal set of #tracibautistaCOLOR PIGMENT BARS, Dive into the magic of pigment bars for a new dimension of expression. CURRENTLY CLOSED...will open soon!

      A Creative Odyssey Years in the Making

      Year after year, the WATERMEDIA PLAY subscription has woven its magic, captivating hearts and igniting creative souls. It has been sold out since 2017 and we have only opened doors once a year.

      As we step into 2024, we invite you to join the subscription and join this incredible journey with us.

      Are You Ready to Play with Color Like Never Before?

      Subscribe to the WATERMEDIA PLAY Box now and let your creativity flow. Unleash the artist within, explore new ways of creative expression, and PLAY. Join a community of passionate artists and take your artistic journey to new heights with the WATERMEDIA PLAY Box Subscription.

       Ignite Your Creative Brilliance!

      The canvas is yours, and the world of #tracibautistaCOLOR is waiting for your unique touch. Embark on a journey of artistic discovery that knows no bounds. 

      WATERMEDIA PLAYBOX 2024 is SOLD OUT! Thank you...

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